Thursday, April 17, 2008


Joan of Arcadia’s Amber Tamblyn, 24, is dating Arrested Development’s David Cross, 43?!??!
Britney is one step closer to the C-list
Kim Kardashian lingerie pics make you ralph
Drew Barrymore flies solo
Ed Norton reassures us The Hulk will not suck
Paris Hilton has nice ears
Robert Downey Jr. sucks a mean thumb
New nickname: Lindsay Oldhan
Keanu has nightmares about Bill and Ted
Everybody needs a little flower power
Madonna is not mad at you, she’s mad at the dirt
Lou Bega and the Goo Goo Dolls: A Look at the worst college spring concerts
Cynthia Nixon let some Sex and the City movie secrets slip Tuesday night. At the Creation Nation comedy show at the Zipper Theater, Cynthia told host Billy Eichner, “a character dies in the movie” – but refused to divulge which one. /
Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe and SATC’s Kim Cattrall star in My Boy Jack, the story of British author Rudyard Kipling’s son, airing on PBS Sunday night.
Gisele Bundchen was photographed holding boyfriend Tom Brady and his ex Bridget Moynahan’s son, John, in Brentwood, California, while Brady opened a car door. It’s the first picture of Brady and his son together.

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