Friday, August 29, 2008

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Jenn Hobby: Radio Personality, Q100’s The Bert Show
“The ricotta beignets with hot chocolate sauce at Shaun's Restaurant in Inman Park make a Sunday brunch anything but pious! A friend introduced me to them and I simply can't get enough. They arrive at the table like a little mountain of seduction. The mini-beignets melt in your mouth and the warm chocolate coats your lips just enough to require giving them an extra lick. They are satisfying, sweetly sinful and $6 on their summer brunch menu. Plus, I just feel naughty indulging in these bite-sized, flirty favorites. I love dishing delicious stories with girlfriends over these bad boys... kiss and tell, anyone? Better yet, feed them to your lover and stimulate a swift return to your bedroom.”
Settle down girl, its food!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Former NBA all-star Joe Barry Carroll claims in a lawsuit that he was humiliated and traumatized by the way he was treated in a Buckhead restaurant.
Carroll filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday against the Tavern at Phipps, alleging he and a friend, who are black, were asked to leave the restaurant's bar because they refused to give up their seats to two white women.
"I was shocked that it ever happened," said Carroll, 50, now an investment adviser. "But since I've gotten over the shock, I've felt I have a responsibility to promote some conversation, some discussion about this."
A former Purdue University star, Carroll was the top pick in the 1980 NBA draft. He moved to Atlanta in 1991 after a 10-year career in which he averaged 17.7 points a game.
Greg Greenbaum, who owns the 17-year-old Phipps Plaza restaurant, disagreed with Carroll's assertions.
"I don't feel we've done anything wrong," Greenbaum said Wednesday. "We don't discriminate."
Carroll and attorney Joseph Shaw went to the Tavern after work Aug. 11, 2006. They sat at the bar and ordered drinks and food.
A short time later, a bartender asked them to give up their seats for two white women. There were "several white males" also at the bar, but none of them was asked to move, the suit says.
Carroll and Shaw politely declined, but the bartender told them it was the Tavern's custom for men to give up their seats at the bar to women, the suit says. Carroll and Shaw were then told repeatedly by two other Tavern employees to give up their seats, while none of the white men at the bar was asked to do so, the suit says.
Carroll and Shaw, saying they wanted to finish their meal, still declined to leave their seats at the bar. So the Tavern management called a security guard who escorted the two men out of the restaurant, the suit says.
Carroll and Shaw soon filed a complaint before the city of Atlanta's Human Relations Commission.
After a hearing, the panel found the Tavern discriminated against the men on the basis of their gender "and, arguably, their race."
"In light of the long racial history between black and white, the commission can't help but to wince at the notion of expressly sanctioning a practice that would have the effect of requiring an African-American to relinquish his or her seat to a Caucasian patron," its Oct. 10, 2007, ruling said. It added that "race was a factor in the escalation of the situation."
Greenbaum said Wednesday that Carroll and Shaw were not targeted because they were African-American. "But we may be more preferential to women," he said.
"We're all Southern gentlemen," Greenbaum said. "It creates a nice social environment when gentlemen give up their seats at the bar. That's the way we like to do business. It's a courtesy to our female guests."
Shaw, a criminal defense attorney, said Wednesday he plans to file his own suit.
Carroll, represented by lawyers Gerry Weber and Hollie Manheimer, seeks unspecified damages and a court order ensuring free and unfettered access at the bar, without regard to race or gender. Carroll said he will donate any jury award to charity.
"This was absolutely different from simply asking us to give up our seats for some ladies," he said. "This is the kind of not-so-subtle discrimination that happens too often."

I love that place but the whole thing is a little shady, that said they could have given up their seats to ladies.

My take, their is a perception, real or myth, that black people do not tip well so I suspect the bar staff did not want them taking up seats when they could have two hotties sitting at the bar and men coming over and buying them drinks. Beautiful women at a bar makes a bar more attractive.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Jim Cramer is a JOKE!

So I have to admit I have watched Jim on Mad Money for a couple years now and watch his videos on and read his articles on bloggingstocks for about the same amount of time.

His show is humorous and I have said for two years now that the value in Jim was not on individual stocks but on big trends. For example, the natural gas trend, 2008 THE YEAR OF NATURAL GAS.

To Jim's credit, he was among the first to discuss the gravity of the credit crisis and subprime and in all honesty he saved me tens of thousands of dollars in talking about getting out of financials. I was in many of them, Bank of America, Citi, Regions, Wachovia and based on his advice I exited many with gains still in tact or at worst very small losses.

Now to why I say Jim is a joke. All year long and as recently as late last month Jim was touting natural gas and it going to $16. Then oil fell below support and natural gas fell too, to the high $9 range. At this point Jim said these stocks, natural gas stocks, looked like buys and natural gas would bottom at $8.99. Yesterday, natural gas and natural gas stocks plummeted and today Jim says in a video on that natural gas is going to $8 and in the same video, thirty seconds later, says, well, maybe $7.

There comes a point where if you don't know what's going on, just SHUT THE HELL UP! Stop making forecasts. God damn, if you make 50 forecasts, eventually you'll be right.

So the reason why I watched Jim is now gone as he is not even right on the big trends. Will I tune in at somepoint? Yah, but only for laughs and to see him act the clown he is and rip the heads off plastic bears and chew on plastic bulls and yell boo-yah and ski-daddy and see the rest of his comical act. Jim Cramer is no longer credible, he is the freak show act in the back tent of the circus.