Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hey Kristin, you may hate LC but learn a lesson from her!

Girls, Guys - STOP WITH THE DAMN TATS! It is permanent! You need to rebel, get an earring! Kristin, LC made this mistake too, she got Jason's name tatooed on her and then she had to cover it up with more wearable art! This relationship will be over in like a couple months! STOP STOP STOP WITH THE TATS!

A little Hayden for your Saturday!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

New Posts Coming July 2nd!

Vacation time, everyone have a good weekend and coming week!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Damn it Ashley, work with me, I am trying to promote you as the hot Simpson sister and you keep letting us all down!

This look is not, I said IS NOT helping Ashley over take Jessica for the hottest Simpson. Who is better in bed? That's a tough call too. I bet Ashley's a freak but Jessica was letting guys put in the special place so she remained a virgin, so its a tough call!

OJ manuscript leaked

The OJ manuscript "If I did it" has been leaked. Read how this sick freak committed the crime of the century here

You might want to hurry and read this one, lawsuits are already being threatened.

Reese Witherspoon took it off for a movie back in the day! NSFW!

America's sweetheart Reese Witherspoon like a lot of over eagar young starlets took it off for a movie back in the day, see the stills here

The headline of the story reads "Britney Spears Drinking Again", really, I didn't know she ever stopped!

US says Britney is back on the bottle. Read more here

Some people are two face, Cash Warren has a new face for every day of the damn year!

I hope Cash Warren never mugs me because I couldn't pick this guy out of a lineup to save my life, he looks different everytime I see him! Jessica has had sex with like 3,000 guys because he looks different everytime they do it!

Kelly Monaco from Dancing With The Stars and General Hospital in all her naked glory! NSFW!

What a body! That RACK is fabulous!


I didn't think Maria Menounos was that hot, UNTIL NOW! Nice legs AND a nice little rack! Nice!

This will be helpful the next time you can't find your car!

Don't you hate it when you can't find your car? Sometimes you even try to set off the alarm to find it and still can't, well here's a little trick!

Guess what Jessica loves?

ONE NIGHT STANDS! Yep, she's had em and loves em, said she wanted to know what it was like to be different people and doesn't think it makes her a tramp or a slut because a girl loves sex! It does make her a ho but thats ok!

This is worth a look!

She's a good dancer!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Lauren back to proving she's an idiot!

LC was quoted as saying she feels for Paris Hilton and thinks she is being made an example of and it's not fair. LC, Paris is a damn drunk who drove and then REPEATEDLY drove with a suspended license! Get a clue you Laguna airhead, go spend some more of daddy's money!

Hasselback and Rosie still not on the best of terms!

If I was Elisabeth I would be damn glad that depressed lesbo, america hating, fat pig was out of my life! I kinda sounded like Trump there for a minute!

Elin pops one out!

Well, its a girl, so the next Tiger Woods Jr. will have to wait. They went with the boy's name for a girl in Sam! Congrats to them! It should be a good looking kid too!

This ain't gonna cut in the competition Ashley!

A little cleavage is showing but Ashley better step up her game!

Kim still working it whatever it is!

Again ladies, stop with the damn lip injections! It ain't sexy!

I wish I had been at this party!


Jessica Simpson working hard to regain role of best looking Simpson sister!

Nice to have the old Jessica back, when she was with mayer she looked like a damn vampire!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Best College Uniform

Texas? That's right. According to I'm a Georgia fan which also made the list but I would have to go with Michigan. Auburn, USC, Ohio St., Georgia Southern, Wofford, and Notre Dame also made the cut.

If your in Atlanta or another city with a PALM restaurant, you owe it to yourself to do the following

Pop in and have a watermelon martini and the fried soft shell crab appetizer, mmmmmmmmmm!!!
You can go here to see if one is in your city,
The palm is also unbelievable for dinner, take your dad for steak and lobster, after all he did give you life!

Patron Reposado

Hey, its the weekend and let's be honest you probably want to kick back and have a cocktail in a couple hours here on the east coast or five or six on the west coast, well, Patron Reposado will get your weekend off to a great start. Reposado is a fine tequilla for sipping like a fine cognac, it is 100% agave and is aged a minimum of six months in oak casks. It is smooth and has a nice finishing heat if you choose to drink it straight or on the rocks. It also makes a fabulous maragrita. Now a real margarita isn't the frozen mess you might be used to, it is simply one part reposado, one part simple syrup and one part lime shaken in a shaker with plenty of ice and then served over ice and finished with a lime wedge. Enjoy Reposado this weekend!

The princes speak!

William and Harry speak out here

William has a good style.

If your an Erin Andrews fan than you'll enjoy this

No self respecting man would wear a dress!

That's just wierd!

This is the Bachelor of the Year?

If they say so, I guess if you like smelly, grungy guys! Read more here!

In case you forgot the real Paris!

With all the media trying to make you feel sorry for her and Paris promising change and crying all the time, I don't want you to forget the REAL Paris, dancing on tables, working the poll like a stripper, sex tapes, drugs, racism - that's all the REAL Paris!

Paris's dad looks really bad!

You can tell he has lost a lot of weight because his shirt collar is really loose now and he just looks bad, I know he was hospitilized awhile back, Paris is killing him, happy father's day dad, all my drama is killing you!

Kristin is now living in sin by the way!

She didn't pack up and move to Beverly Hills, just in with her boyfriend! Girls, remember guys aren't going to buy the cow when they get the milk for free! Also, box connection has to be loving the free advertising, these pictures are everywhere!

God bless the papparazzi!

Only the papparazzi would stake out Kristin Cav to get a picture of her getting the newspaper!

No wonder Britney HATES her mama!

Britney's mama is friends with Kevin's ex Shar, what a ho! Read more here!

Video of Jessica Simpson and her beautiful assets!

Tiffany Selby - PMOM - NSFW

Right Here

Thursday, June 14, 2007

So I gotta tell ya, I love this new show Traveler on ABC!

So this is definatly my summer show, its about three guys who were roomates in college and graduate and decide to embark on a summer trip before starting their lives only it appears one of them frames the other two for blowing up a museum which results in the two roomates being wanted by the FBI as terrorists. That's just the beginning, the first three episodes have offered more twists and turns that I can write about. You can catch up at and then tune in every Wednesday at 10. Trust me, you will love this show!

Further proof that the middle east will always be a mess!

A lot of these people still live in the stone age and are just barbarians, when you don't have things like food, water, air conditioning, and basic necessities all you have to do is fight. Read about the latest middle east fighting here

Vent For The Day

So this morning, The Bert Show, a local Atlanta radio show had a caller on who was complaining about her boyfriend just out of college, not having a job as of yet and not intending to have for atleast another month. Look, this chickadee who called is his GIRLFRIEND, not his MOTHER! If you don't like that he doesn't have a job leave him or SHUT THE HELL UP! Girls, stop mothering your boyfriends and husbands, you too have flaws, you most likely leave makup everywhere in the bathroom, your long hair clogs the drain, you forget to have the oil changed in your car, etc. so stop bitching about your guys. If its that bad leave them. Your not their mother, if you want to be a mother I suggest you get pregnant.

The latest Heidi bikini pics

That bikini looks like something you might wear when your diving with sharks, how appropriate with Spencer as your boyfriend. I still don't think Heidi is hot either.

Celebs leaving and entering tha club

Celebs entering and leaving da club!

I believe in credit where credit is due!

I'm not a huge Cameron fan but she keeps a tight little bod!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Aniston to adopt?

Jennifer like Angelina and Madonna before her might be looking to adopt a baby like most people would adopt a dog at a kennel. I can't wait to see how all of these adopted kids turn out! Read more here

Frankie from RW San Diego DEAD at 25!

Much to young to pass away! Read more here