Monday, April 30, 2007

Two more great Amanda Paige galleries for you!

More Amanda Paige after the link:

Again its NSFW!

Breanne McGregor too has a tough time keeping any clothes on, this link too is NSFW!

Breanne's latest cyber girl of the year gallery:

Jennifer Walcott and others have a hard time keeping their clothes on - NSFW!

After the link, some great Walcott pics as well as Kimberly Holland and others but wait until after work as its NSFW!

Atleast the girl she's with is semi-hot

I showed you the pictures of Kate Bosworth earlier and then found these with her friedn and I have to say her friend is semi-hot! Atleast her bikini is semi sexy.

Atlanta Falcons Draft

This past weekend was the NFL draft so I will take a minute to review their class:

Round 1 Jamaal Anderson - a quick defensive end who left arkansas after his junior year, should come in and contribute immediatly. I like the pick.

Round 2 Justin Blalock - a guard/tackle from Texas. He too should provide immediate help and be a ten year starter and possible eventual pro bowler. Again, I like the pick.

Round 2 Chris Houston - a corner from Arkansas. Like the pick from the standpoint that we need corner help and he has pro bowl potential, however, he is compared to former razorback Ahmad Carroll who like Houston took too many chances and was weak in zone coverage. Chris needs some work and unfortuantly does not have the best role model in Deangelo Hall who in my mind is one of the most overrated players in the NFL. This was not a great draft for corners. I am iffy on this pick.

Round 3 Laurent Robinson - a WR from div 2 Illinois State - ok, hes a burner and the falcons need wr help but I hate the pick with a guy like Andre Caldwell from FL on the board who is equally as fast and has played SEC caliber competition. Also, with a guy like Charles Johnson, DE from UGA on the board, I hate this pick. The best way to hide a flawed secondary is get pressure on the QB. BAD PICK IN MY MIND!

Round 4 Stephen Nicholas - a LB from South Florida, he is an all around LB who can run and tackle and has a nastry streak. I like the pick. I think the guy can provide depth and eventually be a quality starter.

Round 4 Martrez Milner - TE from UGA, don't like the pick, saw him for years at UGA and he is not a great blocker and he has questionable hands at best. I don't know what the Falcons saw in him. Don't like the pick.

Round 6 Trey Lewis - DT Washburn, he's a big body but I think he is a huge project at best, that said he will be learning from one of the best in Rod Coleman. Jury's out.

Round 6 David Irons - CB Auburn, love this pick, saw David for two years at Auburn, he plays with a lot of heart and is a very solid corner. I think when its all said and done he may outperform Chris Houston who was a second rounder. Love the pick!

Round 6 Doug Datish, center, Ohio St., like the pick he was highly rated coming out of hs and played well at Ohio St., he's a smart kid who can get stronger. Another kid, who should provide quality depth and eventually start. Like the pick.

Round 6 Darren Stone, saftey, possible outside LB, from Maine, kid has good speed 4.47 40, and is apparantly a hard hitter, obviously you get in the sixth round and your starting to guess based on potential. Falcons need saftey help for sure. At best this year he could help on special teams.

Round 7 Jason Snelling, fullback, Virginia, in Bobby Petrino's offense fullback is key and hopefully this kid can grow into solid depth/possible starter eventually. 7th round is a total shot in the dark most of the time.

Overall, I give this draft a C. While they addressed needs, I would have loved to have had Charles Johnson in the third round. Also, Adrian Peterson would have been a real steal had he falled one more spot and gotten by Minnesota. I don't see any real game breakers in this group but I can see 5 of these guys eventually starting for this team which would be very solid. We got better in the trenches for sure.

Breanna, LC and their daddy Jim

Breanna is looking chubby and you have to wonder if their dad regrets signing off on his kids to do Laguna Beach.

Jessica Simpson back to showing the tata's!

Ok its nice to see Jessica is back to showing off her tits but its spring now and its time for the brown hair to go away, it was fine to give it a shot in the winter but it just doesn't work for her.

After Blue Crush I was a big fan, now, not so much!

I used to think Kate Bosworth was a little hottie but not so much anymore and that bikini is not flaterring at all. Black on pasty white skin not fattering, flaps hanging down from her top, not hot, and the big biokni straps on the bottom are not cute either!

Jennifer garner loves 7 for all mankind and so do I!

Here's Jennifer and her 7 jeans. Of all the high priced $200 a pair jeans I like 7 and Damage the best.

Cameron get some new boots would ya?

Cameron and her streetwalker boots that she wears constantly!

Hasselback knocked up again!

Elisabeth and her benchwarmer of husband Tim are expecting baby #2!

Read more here:,,20037243,00.html

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Is Natalee Holloway about to come to an end?

This weekend in aruba the search for natalee holloway the alabama teen who went missing on may 30 of 2005 resumed with the focus being the home of the van der sloots and primary suspect joran van der sloot and his father paulus van der sloot. It is believed soil samples were taken and concrete was broken up in looking for answers in the disappearence of ms.holloway. A high placed government official said he expects her remains to be soon recovered. As with many cases after an intial burst the msm disappears but a group of monkeys the scared monkeys as they are known at has kept her case front and center. Here's hoping that on the next few days that ms.holloway is found and those responible for her likely death are punished.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Alba was altered to hide her big head and your uni-brow

Don't get me wrong Jessica Alba is gorgeous but she does have a big head and bushy eyebrows so its not surprising that the posters for Fantastic Four would be tinkered with, read more here:

Sister Hazel

I always try and tell you what I like and don't like, well, I can tell you the new CD from Sister Hazel is worth the $13. If your a fan of real music, with real guitars and real drums and some real vocals than you will love the latest offering from Sister Hazel. Ken, Ryan and Drew ad the rest of the band have delivered with a great album from start to finish. If your like me you probably rarely buy any cd's anymore as most artists are only able to deliver a song or two so you just buy them on itunes. Well, this album is different, a great album to put on and then sit outside in the lovely spring weather and drink a gin n' tonic, a martini or a beer and just sit back for awhile and chill out. Out of ten stars I would give it nine (9).
Do yourself a favor and buy it here:
or visit their website here:
They are a great live band and put on a great show.

Becks and Posh find a new love nest in Beverly Hills

Read about their new purchase here:

Dirty Atlanta cops charged in killing of elderly women!

Atlanta is the new LA when it comes to dirty cops, read more here:

Terrorist plot busted up in Saudi Arabia

Terror plot that planned to target oil fields has apparantly been broken up in Saudi Arabia.
Read more here:

Former Playmate Kia Drayton busted on drugs and guns!

She does look like a thug and a nappy headed ho!

See her myspace here:

Amanda Paige has a hard time keeping her clothes on!

This is the most clothes Amanda wears after the link so might want to hold off until after work!

New Carmen Electra

GO here to see the latest Carmen pictures from FHM Russia

Hey now!

Its always a great day for new Petra Nemcova pics. The most elgible women in the world!


Thats just awful!

I'm so disappointed!

Sarah Michelle has a tatoo on her ankle, how tacky! Girls, stop with the tats! They are permanent and make you look like trash! Yah, the tramp stamp on your back may look hot for a couple years but when your in your late twenties and thirties and you have kids and have gained ten pounds it looks like shit! STOP WITH THE DAMN TATS!

What the hell did Britney do to poor Sean Preston's hair?

Bitch gave him the redneck cut with no sideburns! Poor thing. Defax save him!

That bitch Tyra Banks dined and dashed!

Tyra Banks after eating brunch with Russell Simmons and other left without paying the restaurant. What a bitch! These damn celebs need to pay for their shit!
Read more here:

"I do know one thing in my gut, Al Queda is here and waiting"

This is a statement from former head of the CIA George Tenet.

Read more here:

GDP slows to 1.4 percent, lowest in 4 years

It could get rocky today in the market with news GDP slowed to 1.4 percent.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Here are my gripes about the gym

Let me vent for a second on the gym, maybe you too have had similar expierences:

1. People that don't wipe down the precors and treadmills after they sweat all over the handles - this is annoying!
2. People that use the precors for like 30 or 40 minutes when the sign clearly says there is a 20 minute limit when people are waiting. You know they see the damn sign and the people waiting!
3. People that smell - for christ sake deodorant costs like 2 bucks - USE IT!
4. The gym when its not clean, trash is overflowing and the dumbass front people are standing around looking stupid, the gym when it doesn't fix precors or equipment within a couple days, old equipment that is worn and needs replacement.
5. People that don't put the weights back, shit, its not your private home gym loser!

Thats all i can really think but those things really piss me off!

Regis proves that you can have no real talent and still become a celebrity and be rich!

Think about it? What's Regis really done? Ask questions? He asks questions on Live and he used to ask questions on Millionaire. What kind of a Buffoon can't ask prescripted questions? America is amazing when a dumbass like Regis becomes rich and famous.
Oh by the way he's still alive and back after his heart surgery, read more here:

So Ryan Seacrest probably did Lauren Michelle Hill once, hung out with her the next day and then never talked to her again!

This is some pictures of Lauren Michelle Hill, former playmate, and Ryan Seacrest from Feburary of last year. Everyone was pegging them as a couple back then, well I think its safe to say Ryan had sex with her the night before, hung out with her the next day and probably never talked to her again!
See Lauren in the buff here:

Raquel Gibson likes to get all soapy and then naked in the link!

Raquel was also a playmate in 2006. The link is NSFW so come back when you get home!

Not much entertainment news today, sorry!

I have been scouring today looking for some interesting things but for whatever reason, not much is too interesting today.

How long is the US going to tolerate Iran?

Iran today is speaking its typical reterate and threatening to shoot missles at us over their nuclear program. People like to talk about the international community and how in todays world we need to run everything through the international community but you know what the international community is bunch of pu**ies! Iran has been a problem for years and eventually we're going to have to deal with them and hopefully before they have a nuclear bomb. It's not hard to see why the world will most likely end over something in the middle east.

Read more here:

US collects a cool $48.7 billion, oh by the way that was in one day!

The US government continues to take in an obscene amount of money in tax revenue. While $48.7 billion was taken in on April 24th. The US expects to take in $2.7 trillion for the year. Yet, we still run huge deficits because of ridiculous spending and programs like social security and medicare that are poorly run, inefficent and socilistic in nature.

Read more here:

Georgia Tech's Javaris Crittenton declares for NBA draft

Javaris Crittenton a rising sophomore at Georgia Tech has declared for the nba draft while not hiring an agent which keeps the door open for his return. I am less critical of Javaris than I was of Thaddeus only because this is weak NBA draft upcoming for point guards and because Javaris made great strides as a freshman even though his performance against UNLV in the NCAA tourney was poor. I like his game and how he attacks the rim and distributed the ball, that said he could use some more seasoning on his jumper and on his ballhandling. While a bit of reach at #12, he would fill a major need for the Atlanta Hawks.

Read more here:

Vent of the day on administrative assistants!

Lets talk about administrative assistants again for one second. A caller to the Bert Show this morning called in to say she was pissed that her boss had ONLY given her flowers and a gift card for a $1,000.00!!! Are administrative assistants the new waiter and waitress and they have just lost their FUCKING MINDS and think they are worth way more than they are? Look don't be mistaken that because you might pay some bills, type some stuff and schedule your bosses day that you are somehow invaluable. Yes, its a pain in the ass to train someone new and get them up to speed but that's all. It's a hell of a lot harder to find an affective manager or sales rep. Waiters and waitresses bitching about 20% tips for carrying food over and filling the fucking water, administrative assistants bitching about not getting something for the made up administrative assistants day, what the fuck is going on? I'm almost to the point where I'm going back to tipping 10% which not so long ago was a great tip. And yeah, I've heard it all, that you have to pay the bus boy and matride out of that and blah blah blah. The sense of entitlement in the United States is out of control.

In Lousiana this might be a good look! Or a trailer park?

I'm just guessing but maybe her drink is bad?

That drink must be really really bad that Ali Larter is drinking!

Candice Michelle with and without clothes

After the link Candice loses all her clothes so its really for work hours!

AHHHHHHH, too much light on the Lohan!

Lindsey's whole body is one big freckle, I don't how a doctor could even find a melonoma because her whole body is a melonoma! Lindsey needs airbrushing and poor lighting to look her best!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

First Marblehead Corp. - One to consider for your portfolio

Let me tell you a little about First Marblehead - symbol (FMD) - this company has a PEG of .4, 1.0 is fully valued, a PE of 9.7 which is historically on the low end and return on equity of over 45, 15 is considered good. First Marblehead is in the student loan business. Since the start of 07 it has fallen from the mid 50's to the mid 30's and has solid support right around 30. Like most companies in finance, Marblehead was hit hard with the talk loans going bad but one, the crisis isn't as bad as many feared and two marblehead is the student loan business, people might put off a car or a house, they don't put off going to college. Marblehead also announced a 10 million share buyback which will raise the share price anyway you slice it over time. No the announcement came today, a day before earnings which has some, me included that earnings might be bad. That said, Marblehead as a solid history of hitting or exceeding earnings estimates. Marblehead is down 4% today to 36.00 on the skepticism. One of two things is going to happen in the short term, earnings come in solid along with positive news about the future and the stock gets a nice bounce tomorrow or they miss earnings and maybe fall another 5% in the short term and you get the stock at 33/34. I'm not one to quibble over a couple points, if earnings miss and it falls, I probably buy more. If earnings are solid, I stay put and hopefully see this stock back in the mid 50's at some point in the next couple years and walk away with a gain of 40% or so not including the dividend. Thats right you get about a 1.25% dividend too which is higher than the interest you get on your checking account.

Jordan's a freak now!

Dude, hey, Michael Jordan stop hitting on girls that look 12!
Can you say midlife crisis?

Over at Perez Hilton, you don't get entertainment news anymore, you get pictures of Perez and more pictures of Perez with Paris!

I like Perez's site but as time goes along Mario spends more time blogging about himself than entertainment, it would be like Drudge blogging about himself. I know Perez's numbers are huge but I will be curious to see if that falls off.

See what I mean at:

Baldwin to do the View this Friday

Alec Baldwin is set do the View this Friday. I hope the ladies of the View do the right thing and commend him for being a parent and not a friend to his child!

Read more here:

Here's one more of Ali Larter, if you haven't seen her in a whip cream bikini than rent Varsity Blue's!

Ali is a great watch in Varsity Blue's and to top it off, its one of the best sports movie's you'll ever see!

Even with herpes and probably AIDS Paris still gets guys, guys really are dumb aren't they?

Paris is molesting a new boy and soon he will have the herpes and maybe the AIDS!

Ali and Hayden

They're totally doin it!

Heidi gets new tits and is still not particularly attractive, who's next from Laguna Beach?

Well there they are, the new pups! If LC and Heidi were still friends I would LC within a year would of gotten them to keep up with the Joneses. So who from Laguna will get them next? Kristin? That would be my guess.
Read more about Heidi here: