Friday, April 27, 2007

Sister Hazel

I always try and tell you what I like and don't like, well, I can tell you the new CD from Sister Hazel is worth the $13. If your a fan of real music, with real guitars and real drums and some real vocals than you will love the latest offering from Sister Hazel. Ken, Ryan and Drew ad the rest of the band have delivered with a great album from start to finish. If your like me you probably rarely buy any cd's anymore as most artists are only able to deliver a song or two so you just buy them on itunes. Well, this album is different, a great album to put on and then sit outside in the lovely spring weather and drink a gin n' tonic, a martini or a beer and just sit back for awhile and chill out. Out of ten stars I would give it nine (9).
Do yourself a favor and buy it here:
or visit their website here:
They are a great live band and put on a great show.

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