Friday, February 29, 2008

Love Lauren Conrad, HATE Lauren Conrad? All the latest here!

Audrina PATRIDGE gets a ticket!! The HILLS does p...
Lo BOSWORTH was LC's mystery LUNCH partner YESTERD...
So the HILLS did find a real STAR! Meet CHLOE!
Lauren CONRAD grabs some lunch and SHOOTS some bit...
Hayden Panettiere on the HUNT for the PERFECT apar...
Hayden Panettiere does SEVENTEEN and talks about S...
Spencer PRATT says he will forego the CALF IMPLANT...
Audrina PATRIDGE shops for a BED!
That BITCH is HOT, the DOG I mean not LO!
LAUREN CONRAD March 15 Lauren Conrad hosts at CL...
Audrina PATRIDGE hits the VALET!
Lauren CONRAD and Lauren BOSWORTH coming and going...
What's LAUREN CONRAD been upto?
Oprah WINFREY is a FRAUD! Atlanta STRIPPER on PRO...
What will happen in GAY PAIREEE?
Ahhhh, the LOVE that is SPENCER and HEIDI! It bri...
Jennifer GARNER - 2008 Oscars
Keri RUSSELL - 2008 Oscars
Kristin CAVALLARI - STILL a HOT mess!
JESSICA Alba - Oscars 2008
AUDRINA Patridge's SISTER a bit of a FREAK!
Mouth from ONE TREE HILL is Lauren Conrad's new BO...

PARIS Hilton, Ashlee Simpson, Mark Jacobs

Paris Hilton gives us the 944 in a floppy hat
Prince Hot Harry heads home from war
Ashlee Simpson is not pregnant, not engaged
Julia Roberts goes heavy on the layers
Hilary Duff will make you hungry
Paris gives away her dogs
Janet Jackson laughs off Madonna rivalry
Moobs are taking over Hollywood.
Baby gifts are pouring in for J.Lo
Marc Jacobs accused of plagiarism
Barack Obama: Homophobia is not Christian
Britney’s ex voted off American Idol
Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is coming to CBS Primetime

Whoopi Goldberg talks about Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s public hair in this video. Apparently Whoopi has gray ones, too. Nasty!

Christian Bale will star as John Connor in the fourth movie in the Terminator series. Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins is expected to hit theaters in May 2009.

Paper magazine has named Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s nude scene in Before the Devil Knows Your Dead as one of “10 Worst Nude Film Scenes” of all time.

Calvin Klein Inc. has reportedly offered Tom Brady seven figures to strip down for future ads. Actor Djimon Hounsou is the current Calvin underwear hunk.

Gennifer FLOWERS - Bill CLINTON jizzed in my MOUTH!

Gennifer Flowers was on Howard Stern yesterday and made the revelation that Bill Clinton jizzed in her mouth. Did she swallow? Nope she spit it out. But the good news is she is a swallor now for her husband! Wouldn't presidential cum make it a little more dignified? I mean if your gonna swallow atleast make it presidential cum!

The end NEAR for HILLARY Clinton?

POLL: Obama has small lead in Texas, close in Ohio...
Clinton maintains hold on Hispanic vote...
Obama Aide: Clinton Will 'Fail' Tuesday...
Texas Dems warn Hillary may sue over delegate selection process...

Prince HARRY - A HERO?

Media's embargo sparks debate...


Prince Harry's Call to Girlfriend Chelsy Davy Before Leaving
"She was in tears" after he phoned from Afghanistan, a source tells Us

Drew Barrymore and Justin Long's Sexy Mexico Vacation!
They frolicked in the water and took walks on the beach

See Jessica Alba, Ryan Phillippe in Barack Obama Video
“I would like to see a cleaner Earth for my child,” Alba says

Nicole Richie Offered Lead Role in Chicago
She is "weighing" the offer of playing Roxie Hart on Broadway
Brad Pitt Shows Off Forrest Gump-Style Haircut
Britney Spears’ Ex Voted Off American Idol
EXCLUSIVE: Source: Prince Harry Leaves Afghanistan
EXCLUSIVE: Barack Obama Refuses 'Boxers or Briefs' Question
Angelina Jolie Writes About Trip to Iraq
Britney Spears' Boys Get Haircuts
Angie Harmon: I’m Voting for John McCain!
US POLL: Who's Funnier: Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama?
Hayden Panettiere: Why I Broke Up With Stephen Colletti
Prince Harry Serving in Afghanistan
Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson "Hooking Up"
VIDEO: Watch Miley Cyrus Drink Ketchup
Project Runway Recap: The Final Countdown

More Celebrity News

PARIS Hilton does have a HOT BODY!

That said she's had more partners than some prostitutes!

Jessica ALBA's pregnancy RACK looks INCREDIBLE! And she was a SIXTH grade SLUT!

Jessica Alba knows the trauma of developing a big chest at an early age - she says she was labeled a sixth-grade slut by her elementary school principal and a couple of "self-righteous" PTA moms. "The accusation still ricochets... They think I'm a slut?" Alba recalls in "If I'd Known Then," Ellyn Spragins' upcoming book of essays by female celebrities. Alba adds: "Boys are awful. They are made of nothing but hormones until they're about 20 or 21... It's fun to have a crush, but don't think it's forever... And use birth control and condoms, please."
So, let me get this straight, a "sixth-grade slut" who is now pregnant by her allegedly cheating boyfriend is giving kids advice on safe sex? Um, okay. At least we know she's not a hypocrite.
And since we're talking about Jessica Alba's breasts, here are some nice shots of them from the red carpet at the academy awards.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

The HOGANS are TRASH and NOT just NICK! Hulk HOGAN had an AFFAIR with Brooke Hogan's FRIEND!

The Hogan family is just full of dramz these days.
We. Love. It.
Reports are surfacing that the Hulkster had an affair while he was still living with his wife, prompting the hulking Linda Hogan to file for divorce from him. A divorce that's recently turned u-g-l-y .
But what makes it even more interesting is that dear old Hulk allegedly had an affair with a friend of his daughter Brooke. Scandalicious!!!
Christiane Plante, a 33 year old friend who worked with Brooke on her bomb of a 2006 album, has confessed to The National Enquirer about her affair.
Christiane states, "My relationship with Terry [Hulk Hogan] began at a time when Terry and Linda privately knew their marriage was ending. She had left him already, although no official papers had been filed. Terry is a good man, good father and a good friend, and he and I grew close at a time when he was going through a very difficult period. It seemed right then, but I know it was wrong."
Bitch didn't feel so wrong blabbing it all to a tabloid. Who cares about her reputation? We may all think she's a homewrecking slut, but at least she got paid to talk!
"Having felt the guilt and pain build up, I gave a note to Brooke apologising for my actions," adds whorish Christiane. "I will never be able to fully forgive myself for this. I have lost an amazing friend."
The affair allegedly took place last year, while the family was still shooting their reality TV show and Hull and Linda had yet to split.
Apparently Brooke is so distraught, she has even posted this ominous entry on her official blog.
Thursday, February 21, 2008
hey….Current mood: distressedCategory: Life
I'm going through one of the hardest issues i've ever had to deal with in my life…please keep me and my family in your prayers…. I'm continuing work in the studio… I'm sure my writing will reflect my state of mind at the moment. I need all the support i can get. thank you…
love you much,b

Update: Brooke also posted the following blog but later deleted it!!!!!!
Saturday, February 23, 2008
i never thought…
Current mood: sadCategory: Life
When your best friend and one of your closest family members that you have loved unconditionally since your first day on this earth, betrays you together, you could MAYBE find it in yourself to forgive one day… but you will NEVER forget the hurt they caused you and how it hurt the people who mean the most to you…its the worst feeling in the world to be betrayed. And worse to know you can never trust the one you should be able to…

More Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell DRAMA!

Watch the SNL Video That Hillary Clinton Was Talking About
The show parodied the media's infatuation with Barack Obama while Tina Fey defended Hillary Clinton

Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson "Hooking Up"
Eight months after their split, a recovering Wilson rekindles with his former flame

Report: Two Docs Being Investigated for Heath Ledger’s Death
Law enforcement officials want to know if drugs were illegally prescribed to the actor

Pete Wentz Gives Ashlee Simpson a Promise Ring
The bling "just means that he hasn't asked my dad yet," the singer explains
EXCLUSIVE: Barack Obama Refuses 'Boxers or Briefs' Question
Police Considering Investigation Into Britney Spears Drugging
Simon Cowell Compares Ryan Seacrest to a "Chihuahua"
Boy George Denies Imprisoning Male Escort
US POLL: Rachel Bilson: Better With Bangs?
US POLL: Should Terri Irwin Be Proud of Her Son?
Jessica Simpson Going to Kuwait
Rep: Pregnant Nicole Kidman Didn't Drink Wine at Oscars
Spencer Pratt Not Getting Calf Implants
Rep: Katie Holmes "Not Pregnant"
COVER STORY: How Angelina Jolie Keeps the Power Over Jennifer Aniston
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to Release Coffee Table Book
EXCLUSIVE: Win a Warner Bros. Oscar Party Swag Bag!

More Celebrity News

Playboy Special Edition Alison Waite

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tyra BANKS, Britney Spears, Prince, Barack Obama

Tyra Banks and Ashton Kutcher are a tag-team
Brittany Murphy is a diva
Natalie Portman is the prettiest on the planet
Nicole Richie’s goes toy shopping for Harlow
Alyssa Milano is the boss
Pamela Anderson is hard to keep track of
Courtney Cox still has new Friends
Britney is such a joker!
I wanna look like Eva Mendes!
New Christian Dior unleashed
Prince needs a new hip
Barack Obama - Boxers or briefs?
Oprah has never kissed a woman
The elections in Russia are a joke

Deal or No Deal going on a round-the-world touras Howie Mandel will visit the sets of local productions in South Africa, the Philippines and Estonia for May Sweeps.

ABC will being placing shows on cable for On Demand boxes with only two to five minutes of commercials. The catch? No fast forward!

CSI Live will premiere at Six Flags Magic Mountain this summer with several performances daily. The show will resemble a reality show version of the classic board game, “Clue”.

PLAYBOY'S Dana Dicillo


Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston DRAMA!

How Angelina Jolie Keeps the Power Over Jennifer Aniston
Jolie skips out on meeting with Aniston hours after debuting her new baby bump

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to Release Coffee Table Book
The tome will feature “the most interesting, challenging, creative people we know,” Ashley says

Dannielynn Undergoes Eye Surgery
She is "resting comfortably," dad Larry Birkhead says

Mischa Barton Charged With DUI
She was also charged with possession of marijuana from her December arrest
VIDEO: Watch the Us Weekly Minute!
Federal Judge: Britney Spears Case Stays Put
Pam Anderson Files For Annulment
Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch to Be Auctioned
Tyra Banks, Ashton Kutcher Team Up for Reality Show
EXCLUSIVE: Jimmy Kimmel on Ben Affleck:"Our Love Speaks for Itself"
EXCLUSIVE: Vivica A. Fox’s Advice to Dancing With the Stars Cast: Stretch!
EXCLUSIVE: Jennifer Love Hewitt Planning "Very Small" Wedding Ceremony
VIDEO: Miley Cyrus Makes Funny Faces, Does Headstands in New YouTube Video
Enter Us' Celeb Look-alike Contest!
Paris Hilton and Benji Madden Go Public
Naomi Campbell Hospitalized
EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Leighton Meester on Gossip Girl and Her New Album

More Celebrity News

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Rihanna and Chris BROWN doin it! J LO, Gary Busey, Megan FOX and MORE!

Rihanna & Chris Brown get hot and heavy in the water
J.Lo needs to learn how to splurge
Gary Busey is insane
Christina Aguilera’s mammaries have tripled in size
Britney’s constant legal woes don’t break her stride
Megan Fox looks sweet in Allure
Amy Winehouse is set to launch her own fashion line
Madonna hauls her hungover carcass to jury duty
Signs that make you go hmmmm
A bangin’ Beyonce and Jay-Z eat out
The BIG look at Oscar Fashion
Yes, Brittany Murphy actually married that dude
Jimmy Kimmel on Ben Affleck: “Our love speaks for itself”
Ellen DeGeneres joins Hillary Clinton at campaign appearance
Some of the most anticipated movies of 2009

32 million viewers tuned in to the Oscars Sunday, making it the least-watched telecast in history. The show had 8 million fewer viewers than last year and was 1 million shy of the previous low in 2003. The record high of 55.2 million viewers was set in 1998, when Titanic was the top film.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s driver was pulled over on Fifth Ave. in Midtown yesterday after supposedly running a red light. Leo stayed in the back of the Mercedes, trying not to cause a bigger scene.

Juno is on track to become the highest-grossing Oscar nominee in four years.


WATCH internet episodes at
Learn about the show

Bar Refaeli SCHLEPPIN!

Even her looks can't overcome this look!

Who the HELL beat RACHEL BILSON with the UGLY STICK?

She looks terrible!



At Kevin Rathbun Steak on Sunday night, the “Iron Chef America” viewing party was busy toasting the owner and his brother Kent, a chef in Dallas. The pair managed to beat Iron Chef Bobby Flay on the latest episode of the Food Network series. The secret ingredient the

Rathbuns had to work with?


The Rathbun boys dazzled the judges with their dishes, including elk carpaccio, seared chili rubbed tenderloin, elk meatballs, fajita marinated elk loin, and manchego gougeres stuffed elk liver. The benefit screening raised $11,000 for the Atlanta Community Food Bank.

John ELWAY has LET himself really go!

Hit a treadmill sexy!

Monday, February 25, 2008

RACHEL Bilson hits JAPAN!

She's on the international leg of movie promotion. What a beautiful face!

CLINTONS begin to PLAY HARDBALL! Release photo of dressec OBAMA!

Can you smell the CLINTON's FEAR? Time for the old, dirty to come out and play!



When last we met, way back on Jan. 11, I thought I would give you until March before inflicting you once more with these daily ramblings. But sometimes the sheer weight of events makes it impossible to stay away.

So what did I miss? Here are five stories that caught my attention.

Alabama (Bear Bryant), Auburn (Shug Jordan), Ole Miss (John Vaught), Tennessee (Robert Neyland), and Georgia Tech (Bobby Dodd) have all named their stadiums after the most successful coaches in school history. Georgia just announced that it is going to name a garden and some athletics buildings for Vince Dooley, who won 201 games, six SEC championships, one national championship, and gave 41 years to the school.
Are you kidding me?

After waiting three years to finally become the starting quarterback for LSU, it took Ryan Perrilloux less than two months to get suspended indefinitely by coach Les Miles. That has got to be some kind of record.
With Perrilloux, the Tigers will be good enough to win the SEC West again. The only other quarterback in camp with experience (Andrew Hatch) is a transfer from Harvard — never a good sign. Miles has a big decision to make.

Alabama signed the greatest recruiting class in the history of Earth. The recruiting class was so good that the other 11 teams in the SEC have decided to quit giving scholarships and play football only as a club sport. Just kidding. Okay, Alabama recruited well. Alabama SHOULD recruit well. But please, some perspective.

Reading the blogs on signing day, one Auburn fan was so dejected about his class relative to Alabama’s that he wrote that head coach Tommy Tuberville needed “to step it up.” Well, let’s see. Last time I checked, Tuberville had won six straight games against Alabama (a school record) and was 26-6 in his last 32 SEC games. Tuberville recently told a crowd that, contrary to some reports, Auburn will field a football team in 2008.
ennessee punter Britton Colquitt has been suspended for the Vols’ first five games and has lost his scholarship after this fifth alcohol-related incident since coming to campus. According to media reports, Colquitt is the sixth Tennessee player to be charged by police since Jan. 11. John Adams, a columnist for the Knoxville News-Sentinel, says coach Phillip Fulmer should be fired. Fulmer responded with his own column in the same newspaper saying that he was not a big fan of John Adams’ work. Should be a fun off-season on old Rocky Top.

Just think. We’re having this much fun and it’s not even March yet.
What’s been your favorite college football story so far in 2008?
It’s good to be back.

Penelope CRUZ - BEST Dressed 2008 OSCARS!

She always pulls it off at the award shows!



It was rough out on these mean streets of “Nap” town last night.

The NFL types hit the streets after a long day of watching prospects at the RCA Dome.
Oakland head coach Lane Kiffin was out and about. He was at Nicky Blaine’s, a popular cigar bar, with his father and Tampa Bay assistant Monte Kiffin. Lane Kiffin was later seen cutting the rug at Ike & Jonesys. Maybe we can look for him on “Dancing with the Stars” in the future.

Also spotted at Ike & Jonesys: New York Giants general manager Jerry Reese.

That’s where news got out that Arkansas running back Darren McFadden is not only battling a paternity suit, but that he told a team during an interview Saturday night that he has two children on the way. In addition to meeting with the Falcons, he met with the Raiders, who pick fourth in the draft, and several other teams.

McFadden created a major buzz at the NFL scouting combine when he ran the 40-yard dash in 4.27 seconds on Sunday.

McFadden ran right after Georgia running back Kregg Lumpkin ran a 4.64. On McFadden’s second timed 40-yard run, he was clocked at 4.33 seconds.

Just getting ready for another day.

My colleague Steve Wyche is currently in the morning’s first quarterback and receiver session. He just sent me a text message about Louisville quarterback Brian Brohm. That’s big news if he’s throwing because he skipped the Senior Bowl. Steve will update on that later.
I’m going into the second session, courteous of an access deal brokered by Alex Marvez, president of the Pro Football Writer’s Association and will check out Matt Ryan if he takes part.

Jennifer GARNER - 2008 OSCARS Best DRESSED!

Fabulous, love the dark hair!

The REAL Katherine HEIGL just is NOT HOT!

She is FUGLY.


Daniel Day-Lewis, No Country for Old Men Win Top Oscars

Plus: Marion Cotillard, Tilda Swinton and Javier Bardem take home acting honors
Read It
Complete Coverage

Sean Penn Steps Out with Petra Nemcova at Oscars
The actor is spotted with the model, who tells PEOPLE, "We are friends"
Read It
Complete Coverage

VIDEO: Gary Busey Gives Seacrest a Hand on the Carpet
Why did the actor interrupt an interview with Jennifer Garner? "It's about having fun," he tells PEOPLE
Read It
Complete Coverage

So Long, Sarah! Jimmy Kimmel Is, Well, 'Dating' Ben Affleck
Brad Pitt and Cameron Diaz help the TV host get back at girlfriend Sarah Silverman
Read It
Oscars Red Carpet: What You Didn't See
Cate Blanchett's Baby Slept Through Carpet Chaos
Academy Awards: Winners & Nominees List
Jennifer Lopez Is 'Very Happy and Blissful'
Britney's Night Out with Dad

More News



Cameron DIAZ - Best DRESSED OSCARS 2008

Daniel Day Lewis, Jon Stewart, Gary Busey

Daniel Day-Lewis, Marion Cotillard Take Home Oscars
No Country For Old Men was named Best Picture

Jon Stewart Cracks Angelina Jolie Pregnancy Joke at Academy Awards
"It's hard to get 17 babysitters on Oscar night!" the host says

Jimmy Kimmel Is F--king Ben Affleck
Brad Pitt and Ashlee Simpson make cameos in the talk show host’s raunchy new parody

Actor Gary Busey Puts the Moves on Jennifer Garner
The actress looked shocked after he kissed her neck during a red carpet interview

Stars Hit the Oscars!
See the Entire List of Academy Award Winners
Britney Spears Reunites With Boys
Angelina Jolie Debuts Her Baby Bump!
Tom Hanks' Tips to Oscar Nominees: Sleep, Eat Healthy, Exercise
Video: Jessica Simpson Struggles To Find Cash to Pay Valet
Exclusive: Alli Sims on Britney Spears: "Everyone Goes Through Weird Patches"
Ellen Page's Oscar Nightmare: "I'm Wearing a Sports Bra"
Lindsay Lohan Settles Suit With Busboy
Vanessa Williams on Botox: "I Love It"
Madonna, Demi Moore to Throw Oscar Party
SATC’s Carrie Bradshaw Gets Left at the Altar
Breaking News: Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony Welcome Twins

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Lots of NEW LC and the HILLS!


J.Lo's Joy!
Star gives birth to twins surrounded by luxury READ MORE >>

Gary Coleman recently revealed he married a woman 18 years his junior last summer. But The ENQUIRER has discovered their relationship is so violent that Shannon feared Coleman was going to run her down with his truck!READ MORE >>

Duane "Dog" Chapman is heading back to televsion! A&E announced production has resumed on Chapman's reality series Dog The Bounty Hunter after being shut down in November.
function play_media(url) {,'player','height=250,width=320,location=no,statusbar=no,toolbar=no');
Click here to listen to Dog's racist rant!

Dreamgirls star Beyonce Knowles will play blues singer Etta James in Cadillac Records, a 1950s period flick about the founder of Chicago's Chess Records and his lineup of stars.READ MORE >>

Martha Stewart has cooked up a new business plan that includes chef Emeril Lagasse.READ MORE >>

Lindsay Lohan has posed nude for New York magazine as an homage to Marilyn Monroe.READ MORE >>

Britney Spears, Rihanna. J LO

Britney Visits with Her Boys

People Exclusive
UPDATE: Preston and Jayden spend three hours with their mom at her Studio City home
Read It

People Exclusive
Rihanna Helps N.Y.C Mom Find Bone Marrow Donor
"To save Lisa's life, we will in turn be saving her children's lives," the singer tells PEOPLE
Read It

New Mom Jennifer Lopez Is "Over the Moon!"
A friend updates PEOPLE on the new mom, while other stars send advice and congrats
Read It

People Exclusive
Aaron Carter's Father: 'I Feel Hurt and Betrayed'
Bob Carter says he hopes his son's recent drug arrest will be a wake-up call
Read It
Rainn Wilson Plans Exposé at Indie Spirit Awards
Leah Remini, J.Lo's Sister Visit the Hospital
'The Kid' Marion Cotillard Wins in Paris
Valerie Bertinelli: My Romance with Steven Spielberg
Leighton Meester: Trying Her Hand at Rap?
More News


Too bad beau Tony Romo wasn’t around to pick up this bill for Jessica Simpson!
After dinner with pals – including hair stylist Ken Paves – at Hollywood hotspot Katsuya last night, the pop singer hardly had enough money to pay the valet.
While digging around her oversized Louis Vuitton handbag for a few minutes, Simpson cheered every time she pulled out a dollar – until finally producing a crumpled pile of cash.
"Here!" she yelled, as Paves handed over the bills. "Here’s a wad of cash," he added.
All the while, Simpson kept her trademark oversized grin.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Lindsay Lohan, Amy Winehouse, Shannon Elizabeth

Lindsay Lohan presents for Dolce & Gabanna
Wino really needs to work on her housekeeping skills
Hollywood stars might have hepatitis
Will Natalie Portman drop cloth again?
Gwyneth Paltrow is back in London
Shannon Elizabeth is dancing goodness? Say what?
More marriage rumors for Janet Jackson
Celebs and their pretty pecs
Jennifer Lopez had an emergency C-Section
Get the look: last chance to wear tights
Shia LaBeouf likes going commando
Salma Hayek thinks J.Lo will be a “great” mom
Jimmy Eat World and Paramore announce spring tour dates
A fourth season of Prison Break? Say it ain’t so!
Broadway star Idina Menzel is set to talk about her new album at New York’s 92nd Street Y on Feb 26.

Oprah Winfrey will give the commencement speech this June at Stanford University.

Lowe’s pulls Big Brother ads over an autism remark made by one of this season’s contestants. Are we sure it’s not because of Big Brother’s sinking ratings?

Justin Timberlake will star in the upcoming movie The Open Road, the story of a young man trying to reconnect with his father, a legendary athlete played by Jeff Bridges. Mary Steenburgen and Kate Mara also star.

Nip/Tuck’s had its worst-rated season finale ever. Just under 3 million viewers tuned in to watch the 5th season-ender. 5.7 million watched the Season 3 finale.


The Falcons finally caught a break, winning the coin toss for 3rd choice in the draft. Now it's decision time. • Story

If Darren McFadden is available, to me, its a no-brainer. One, the guy is incredible. Two, he helps hide your lack of quarterback. Three, by moving the chains, he keeps an atrocious defense on the sidelines.

There are those that say he doesn't bring it in the big games. I say, who was his quarterback at Arkansas again? Good teams threw eight and nine in the box and shut him down.

There is a lack of quality at quarterback in this draft. Matt Ryan is thought of as the number one and I believe in many years he would be a second or third round pick.

Falcons need to get McFadden to begin the road back!


Even more HERE!

Penelope CRUZ in a see-through top!

Playboy's Haleigh Lauren



Playboy Voluptuous Vixen Francessca DeMarco


Is she drunk? Stoned? Just retarded?

DOORMEN make HALF a MILLION? Are you Serious?

REPORT: Vegas Nightclub Doormen Making $500,000 -- A YEAR!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

STEVE McCoy and Vicki Locke to RETURN to ATLANTA radio!!

They're back. Steve McCoy and Vikki Locke, Atlanta radio's dynamic duo, will return as morning hosts on B98.5FM's 5:00 – 10:00 a.m. timeslot.

After nearly an eight month hiatus, Steve & Vikki will brighten up Atlantans' dreaded morning commute beginning July 1.

"B98.5FM places great emphasis on being a good neighbor in the community we serve," said Chris Wegmann, market manager for Cox Radio Atlanta. "It's rare to find personalities that have done as much for Atlanta as Steve & Vikki. Their light-hearted fun will usher in a new era for B98.5FM."

For more than 17 years, Steve & Vikki entertained Atlantans with laughter, crazy contests and breaking news, becoming great community neighbors and household names along the way. With a slight turn of the dial, Steve & Vikki fans will once again wake up to their favorite radio friends.

Fans will recognize signature Steve & Vikki contests and community causes and be in store for new, exciting events and morning discussions.

"The excitement and thrill of the new opportunity that awaits Vikki and me at B98.5FM and joining Cox Radio is second only to the happiness we feel to be back on morning radio in Atlanta," says Steve. "We love this town. It's where we belong, and we can hardly wait to once again wake up our listeners – who we have always thought of as our "Family." We have missed them!"

"I am thrilled to be back on the air in Atlanta, my home, and with Steve, my radio partner of 18 years," says Vikki, "A big thank you to Atlanta for all of your support these past few months."
B98.5FM is a sister station of WSB AM.

This tells me they did not leave Star 94 after-all on their own accord!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Vanessa Minnillo

She does have a HOT little bod!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Carmella GARCIA - formerly DECESARE!

More HERE!

Atlanta FALCONS Jessica Trainham


PLAYBOY'S LEXI Lombardelli

More HERE!

Playboy's Tasha NICOLE

More HERE!



PLAYBOY's Iga Wywral




Jessica Simpson, Drew Barrymore and Lauren Conrad!!

Jessica Simpson Is "Hurting Millions of Fat People"
Her father Joe is being sued for banning the sale of a fitness DVD starring his daughter

Drew Barrymore's Advice to Young Hollywood in Rehab
"If you don’t pull it together for yourself, no one else will," the star, who sought treatment at 13, says

Lauren Conrad Looks for Rebound Romance in Paris
Click here to see scenes from the new season of The Hills

Meet the 12 New DWTS Contestants
Priscilla Presley is amoing the stars who have signed on for the ABC show

Lindsay Lohan Poses Topless as Marilyn Monroe
Stephen Colletti Celebrates 22nd Birthday Without Lauren Conrad
Video: Matthew McConaughey's Sexy Dolce & Gabbana Ad
Johnny Depp Among Stars to Replace Heath Ledger in Film
Lindsay Lohan Blames "This Industry" for Heath Ledger's Death
How Paris Hilton Celebrated Her 27th Birthday
Heather Mills Makes Final Case for $100 Mil From Paul McCartney
Britney Spears' Hollywood Dinner Date With Dad
DWTS' Maksim Chmerkovskiy: "Taking Time Off"
Kirsten Dunst's Split With Jake Gyllenhaal Led to More Partying
Exclusive: Jane Fonda: Hype Over Using the C-Word "Is Silly"
Top 24 American Idol Contestants Get Together to Party
US POLL: Hilary Duff's Huge Earrings: Love It Or Hate It?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Celebrity for FEBRUARY 18, 2008

Bikini-licious Nicole Scherzinger poses for Men’s Fitness
J.Lo is a demanding expectant mommy
Paris Hilton has too many dogs
Natalie and Scarlett could do better
Britney’s big date with her dad
Paris Hilton is a Pussycat Doll.
Amy Winehouse’s husband got a bad dose in the pen
Celine Dion is spastic enthusiastic
Dress like Vaseline spokesmodel Sarah Michelle Gellar
Designer shoes you shouldn’t live without
Gisele and Tom are on vacation together
Johnny Depp, Jude Law AND Colin Farrell will replace Heath Ledger in the late actor’s last movie
Matthew McConaughey rips off his shirt for Dolce & Gabbana
NBC’s Knight Rider movie was ridiculous
Neil Patrick Harris is the greatest fairy of them all.
Gossip Girl returns April 21.

A national autism group is demanding an apology from CBS over a disparaging remark a Big Brother contestant made about people with the disorder.BB9 contestant Adam, who said he works for an autism foundation, said he would spend his winnings on a hair salon for people with developmental disabilities “so retards can get it together and get their hair done.” His remark shocked his partner, Sheila, who replied, “Don’t call them that.” Adam responded by saying, “Disabled kids. I can call them whatever I want. I work with them all day, OK?”

Lindsy Lohan, Paris Hilton, Johney Depp

Lindsay Lohan Blames "This Industry" for Heath Ledger's Untimely Death
Of the actor's prescription drug overdose, she says, "I sure as hell wouldn’t let it happen to me"

How Paris Hilton Celebrated Her 27th Birthday
The heiress spent her big day performing with the Pussycat Dolls in Las Vegas

Johnny Depp Among Stars to Replace Heath Ledger in Film
Jude Law and Colin Farrell will also fill in for the late actor in his last movie

No Deal Reached in Paul McCartney, Heather Mills' Divorce
A judge will now spend the next several weeks working out a settlement

Britney Spears' Hollywood Dinner Date With Dad
Maksim Chmerkovskiy: "Taking Time Off"
Kirsten Dunst's Split With Jake Gyllenhaal Led to More Partying
Exclusive: Jane Fonda: Hype Over Using the C-Word "Is Silly"
Top 24 American Idol Contestants Get Together to Party
US POLL: Hilary Duff's Huge Earrings: Love It Or Hate It?
Rachael Ray "Too Tired" to Have Kids
Jimmy Kimmel to Make Revenge Song With Ben Affleck
Heidi Montag Gets Jimmy Choos, Yacht Trip for Valentine's Day
Lauren Conrad: "Every Single Girl Dreads Valentine's Day"
Paris Hilton Under Investigation for Owning 17 Dogs
Ashley Tisdale: No Plans for Boob Job
Bai Ling's "Heart Feeling Sad" After Arrest

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Britney Spears, Kirsten Dunst, Jane Fonda and MORE!

Britney Spears' Hollywood Dinner Date With Dad
The singer stepped out with her father Saturday night

Kirsten Dunst's Split With Jake Gyllenhaal Led to More Partying
"Jake was turned off by all the partying," a source tells Us

Jane Fonda: Hype Over Using the C-Word "Is Silly"
"I didn't even think," she tells Us of letting the vulgar word slip on Thursday morning's Today show

Top 24 American Idol Contestants Get Together to Party
Show alums Ace Young and Justin Guarini sing to the new crew, who went home at 9:30 p.m.

US POLL: Hilary Duff's Huge Earrings: Love It Or Hate It?
Rachael Ray "Too Tired" to Have Kids
Jimmy Kimmel to Make Revenge Song With Ben Affleck
Heidi Montag Gets Jimmy Choos, Yacht Trip for Valentine's Day
Lauren Conrad: "Every Single Girl Dreads Valentine's Day"
Paris Hilton Under Investigation for Owning 17 Dogs
Ashley Tisdale: No Plans for Boob Job
Bai Ling's "Heart Feeling Sad" After Arrest
Jamie Spears' Conservatorship Over Britney Extended Until March 10
Oasis' Liam Gallagher Weds
Paris Hilton's Latest Movie Rated Worst in History
How the Stars Are Spending Valentine’s Day
Rep: Nelly Furtado "Not Pregnant"

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Jimmy KIMMEL is GAY and MORE!!

Jimmy Kimmel is gay, too!
Gary Coleman has never had sex with his wife
Britney Spears needs government assistance
Isla Fisher rocks the red carpet
Lindsay Lohan aims high with Leo and Adrian
Jessica Simpson is set to star in another reality show
Aretha challenges Beyonce for calling Tina Turner Queen
Celebrity cougars: Roar roar roar!
Get Katie Holmes’ latest look for less
Give designer bags you can’t live without
Will Smith’s top ten red carpet poses
Ashley Tisdale won’t go under the knife again.
Ellen Page signs onto her fourth movie this week
The 2008 SI Swimsuit Issue Rookies

George Clooney has teamed up with Robert De Niro, Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep to let the Screen Actors Guild know – via a Daily Variety ad – that they should launch contract talks as soon as possible. According to Variety, Clooney said of the June 30 contract expiration, “I think there’s a lot of strike fatigue, and I think you actually start losing negotiating power.”

Mariah Carey took over Lenny Kravitz’s Crosby St. home to shoot the cover for her upcoming album, “E=MC2.” Arriving in a black Maybach with three SUV’s in tow, Mariah sported custom-made Van Cleef & Arpels diamond butterfly rings and Christian Louboutin heels.

So You Think You Can Dance premieres May 22.

Lane Garrison told Access Hollywood, “Just this past Monday they let a group of inmates watch the season premiere of Prison Break. It felt like an out of body experience as I stood around a crowd of tattooed felons watching Michael Scofield try to escape … all of us longing to be free as well!”

Star Jones is performing in The Vagina Monologues tonight in Washington, DC.

Lauren Conrad, Paris Hilton, Ashley Tisdale and MORE!!

Today's FeatureJen Aniston and Her Men: 39 Years of Love and DramaOn her birthday week, Us looks back at the guys who have rocked her world


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THS: Posh and Becks2/16 at 6pm E! takes a one-hour look at the Spice Girl and soccer stud super-couple known as Posh and Becks on Posh and Becks: True Hollywood Story.
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Jane Fonda: Hype Over Using C-Word "Is Silly"
"I didn't even think," she tells Us of letting the vulgar word slip on Thursday morning's Today show

Rachael Ray "Too Tired" to Have Kids"I just don’t think I could take on the biggest job of being a parent," she says

Heidi Montag Gets Jimmy Choos, Yacht Trip for Valentine's DayUPDATE: During her ride with Spencer Pratt, "we crashed into three other boats!" she says

Lauren Conrad: "Every Single Girl Dreads Valentine's Day"The unattached Hills star celebrated the night with Audrina Patridge at Hollywood club Goa

US POLL: Who Do You Want to Win Project Runway?Bravo's fashion design show is down to the final four

Paris Hilton Under Investigation for Owning 17 DogsBy L.A. law, the heiress is only allowed to own three pooches

Ashley Tisdale: No Plans for Boob Job
Bai Ling's "Heart Feeling Sad" After Arrest
Jamie Spears' Conservatorship Over Britney Extended Until March 10
Oasis' Liam Gallagher Weds
Paris Hilton's Latest Movie Rated Worst in History

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AMY Smart's NIPPLE popped out to say HELLO!

Lauren CONRAD!!

Building WEALTH!