Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Rihanna and Chris BROWN doin it! J LO, Gary Busey, Megan FOX and MORE!

Rihanna & Chris Brown get hot and heavy in the water
J.Lo needs to learn how to splurge
Gary Busey is insane
Christina Aguilera’s mammaries have tripled in size
Britney’s constant legal woes don’t break her stride
Megan Fox looks sweet in Allure
Amy Winehouse is set to launch her own fashion line
Madonna hauls her hungover carcass to jury duty
Signs that make you go hmmmm
A bangin’ Beyonce and Jay-Z eat out
The BIG look at Oscar Fashion
Yes, Brittany Murphy actually married that dude
Jimmy Kimmel on Ben Affleck: “Our love speaks for itself”
Ellen DeGeneres joins Hillary Clinton at campaign appearance
Some of the most anticipated movies of 2009

32 million viewers tuned in to the Oscars Sunday, making it the least-watched telecast in history. The show had 8 million fewer viewers than last year and was 1 million shy of the previous low in 2003. The record high of 55.2 million viewers was set in 1998, when Titanic was the top film.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s driver was pulled over on Fifth Ave. in Midtown yesterday after supposedly running a red light. Leo stayed in the back of the Mercedes, trying not to cause a bigger scene.

Juno is on track to become the highest-grossing Oscar nominee in four years.

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