Wednesday, February 6, 2008

BERT from Q100 ATLANTA is an IDIOT!

First, Bert is likeable enough on his radio show the BERT SHOW in Atlanta. That said, what moron does the research to find out they are actually most compatable with MITT ROMNEY as far as their beliefs and still goes to SUPER TUESDAY and votes for Barack Obama. An idiot, that's who. Its the people like BERT who just need to keep their ass home and not vote. BERT has admitted many times that his wife handles all the finances in the family. BERT, just stick to what you do best, GOSSIP and GAB. Keep your ass home the next election, you proved TODAY you have no business voting. Typical media fool, all his media buds vote democrat so he does too. Bert WEISS you are a FOLLOWER and not a LEADER. Do your homework, Barack does not even have any REAL expierence.

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