Thursday, May 31, 2007

For the ladies!

A little eye candy for the ladies, I am secure enough to say Leo and George are good looking guys. Zach is a nerd. And Tony is not so good looking.

Ummm, call me crazy, but a seethrough shirt to meet his mom?

How about next time you meet his mom, just take your tits out and rub em all over her!

Thanks for weighing in DADDY-O!

Lindsey's no good, jail bird dad, weighed in today saying Lindsey suffers from multiple addictions including and addiction to the pain killer oxycotin, thanks for clearing that up, after seeing her passed out in a car and seeing her wrecked mercedes and hearing that cocaine was found in her car I never would have guesses. Hey, here's a wild idea, why don't you stop being a media whore and go f-ing help your daughter! Read more here


She's not naked here but who cares!

By the way, Enrique was lying and Anna is still his wife or girlfriend, son of a bitch!

Enriquealiar - you son of a bitch - I was about to set out to follow Anna all over and try and get her in the sack since I thought she was single and heartbroken ala Petra Nemcova, now I'll just have to sit around blogging! Thanks alot!

Kournikova plays a mean air guitar it looks like!

When your Anna Kounikova you can even look super sexy playing the air guitar!

Adriana Lima is hot usually but not so much in this dress!

This dress isn't really flattering the color doesn't work for her either!

I need to vent on this Vick deal!

I need to vent on this whole Michael Vick and dog fighting brooh haha or scandal, whichever you prefer. First, if read here reguarly you know I am not the biggest fan so what I am about to say may shock you. I think Vick is getting a bad rap on this one and here's why: First, by the prosecuter's own admission last week, the dogs originally confiscated at his Virginia property were actually well cared for and only needed to put down because of a lack of homes for the dogs. Two, I am sick of unnamed sources and people hiding in the dark and needing their voices altered. These people do not seem credible, if you got something to say state your f-ing name and say it. Otherwise your a coward and just keep your f-ing mouth shut! Three, just like Duke this seems like a case where the media with few real FACTS at this point has already convicted him of wrongdoing. Four, people talk about he has a "trackrecord" now of crime, herpes is a crime, huh? The miami deal no charges were brought and although I personally hate smoking in any form and certainly don't approve of weed, I don't actually care what the guy does in his own time and at his own home. Five, I love animals, but you would think the allegations of possibly thirty buried dogs on his property, mind you this rumour too, were actually thirty dead people that Vick actually murdered himself. This is dogs we're talking about, I love them too and I don't approve or condone dogfighting in any way but its still dogs and to me this is no better than people that hunt deer and don't waste your time telling me hunting is legal and the deer population needs to be controlled. People are still killing animals!!!!!!! So if your one of these people on their high horse in this than you better find out every NFL player that hunts and get on his ass too. Lets get all the facts before we start piling on this guy. If he did engage in dog fighting he should be punished and either way I think he needs to make a significant donation to the humane society or something similar if for no other reason than 60 dogs did need to be put down which is sad. And when I say significant I am talking atleast a million bucks. He makes 13 million a year! This could be the first and last time I defend this guy but I am sick of the media and people in general just piling on with little fact. Also, let's remember he's a football player not Jesus!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I will be honest, I don't know who this chickadee is but she was in Miss Universe and she's hot and that's enough for me!

She looks a little like the girl from Entourage, this girl should have won based on these photos and for all I know she did!

Petra Nemcoa is always out and partying, can't really blame her, her boyfriend died in a tsunami, next thing you know she'll be snorting coke!

I think if you ever wanted to run into Petra Nemcova and have a real shot at getting her in the sack - its RIGHT NOW! She looks hot, she's drinking and partying too much, she's obviously still trying to hide the pain from her boyfriend that was lost in the tsunmai, I am sure she is compensating with a TON of random sex!

Stephanie Olsen and Playboy reverts back to finding porn stars and making them out to be college girls! NSFW!

Here's the latest cyber girl in all her naked glory though I am not much into tatoo's by your privates!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bert has a little one, Hollis Lee!

Bert Show's Bert Weiss and his wife Stacy welcomed Hollis into the world this past Friday!

Got milk?

Jesus, her baby is going to get lost in those!

I was really hoping this outfit was for a movie!

But its not, Jessica really went to the gym looking like that!

Lindsey is in bad shape, you got to go check these pictures out!

Check this out - man she is in BAD shape!

Somebody might want to put Rosie on suicide watch!

Rosie is whack and I honestly think her depression will lead to her suicide in the coming year, I don't think she's on her meds! See her latest video blog right here

No reason to stop the party yet dilly-o!

Lindsey apparantly continued to party on even after her wreck and arrest, nice! Read more here

Lohan, Lohan, Lohan!

So, in case you missed it, Lindsey drank and got coked up and crashed her car into a tree. Later, cops would arrest her and find coke in her car. Police are awaiting toxicology to come back to put together a laundry list of charges. Look for Lindsey to head back to rehab to try and avoid any jail time!

Has Heather had kids? If so she still looks pretty good, if not, she really didn't keep herself up much!

At this point in time Heather needs to start covering up.

Anna and Enrique OVER!

Well, they were married and now there not, Enrique confirmed they are now divorced and he is single again. I thought this may be the case based on his new song which is a breakup song. I'm sure Anna won't be single for long!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Kristin's boob's go for a workout!

Did Kristin get boobs too? I don't remember them this large. Kristin is hot!

I would rather shoot myself than have to follow Paris around all day!

Obviously being papparrazzi does not pay that well, look at these gremlins!

Alba's nipples go for a walk

Wonder what brought out the nips?

Oooooh La La!

I don't know that anyone looks better consistently than Petra Nemcova!

Why can't Trump shut up?

After the realization hit home that Rosie is leaving the View, Trump figured to stay in the news he needed someone else to fight with and that's where Elisabeth comes in, now Trump is fighting with her. Dude, for god sake, just shut up, you have gone from popular to an ass in the snap of a finger. Read the latest drama here

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Cyber Girl Lynne Kush (NSFW)

Lynne Kush is a rising senior, pre-med at Harvard, yah right!

Bert Show Drama Update 2

Many of you who are regular readers here have been following the story of the girl who got a text that her boyfriend was getting married one late night. Later, she would go to the wedding only to discover it was not her boyfriend but his brother getting married. So a couple things remained to be answered why did the boyfriend not invite her to the brother's wedding, why did he lie about having a business trip that weekend, why did she not even know after 4 months the boyfriend had a brother and finally after 4 months why had she not seen his apartment. Well, we got some answers this morning. She finally saw his apartment this week and it was very nice and there was no sign of another girl or anything that might make her suspect she had another girlfriend or wife. She said they had a great night looking at his photo albums and he finally told her that he has a brother and sister although he never mentioned that the brother just got married. So the morning show continues to put pressure on this girl to find out more, they told her she needs to go back to his apartment and snoop and if possible check his wallet for anything unusual. Now the show is comprised of two women and two men that act like women. I have decided that at the 4 month mark, this guy just wasn't ready to take her to a wedding and introduce her to his family. There's nothing sinister here. And I'm here to tell you if I caught this girl snooping or being clingy and nosy after 4 months I would probably send her packing. By her own admission, they have never talked about being exclusive and they typically only hang out 2 or 3 nights a week. Hardly a very serious relationship in my mind. My end point, I think this is probably a good guy and the show and this girl are going to screw up a good thing.

Sawbuck Chardonnay

It's Memorial Day weekend and let's be honest, your probably going to BBQ, have some friends over, or atleast sit outside one late afternoon or one night and enjoy a bottle of wine. If your not, you should. I had never had Sawbuck until last weekend when I was looking for something we hadn't had before and the label description caught my eye. It described an intriguing wine and was very reasonably priced for Chardonnay. I figured for $13.00 I couldn't go wrong. Let me tell you, it is one of the finest $13.00 bottles of wine I have ever had. Goes very well with cheese and I am certain it would be excellent with seafood or chicken. It's a wine I would gladly pay $20 more a bottle for.

Rosie when are you just going to shut up, we know what you think on Iraq, move on!

Rosie needs to start taking her damn meds, she had another outburst with Elisabeth yesterday on the view. See it and read about it here

Krista Kelly - For your enjoyment (NSFW)

Sorry for some of the broken links, I am fixing them. Now enjoy this little seniorita! Krista Kelly!

There's are a shocker, Sean P looks unkept!

I never see this kid looking really cute, she dresses him like a hobo!