Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bert Show Drama Update 2

Many of you who are regular readers here have been following the story of the girl who got a text that her boyfriend was getting married one late night. Later, she would go to the wedding only to discover it was not her boyfriend but his brother getting married. So a couple things remained to be answered why did the boyfriend not invite her to the brother's wedding, why did he lie about having a business trip that weekend, why did she not even know after 4 months the boyfriend had a brother and finally after 4 months why had she not seen his apartment. Well, we got some answers this morning. She finally saw his apartment this week and it was very nice and there was no sign of another girl or anything that might make her suspect she had another girlfriend or wife. She said they had a great night looking at his photo albums and he finally told her that he has a brother and sister although he never mentioned that the brother just got married. So the morning show continues to put pressure on this girl to find out more, they told her she needs to go back to his apartment and snoop and if possible check his wallet for anything unusual. Now the show is comprised of two women and two men that act like women. I have decided that at the 4 month mark, this guy just wasn't ready to take her to a wedding and introduce her to his family. There's nothing sinister here. And I'm here to tell you if I caught this girl snooping or being clingy and nosy after 4 months I would probably send her packing. By her own admission, they have never talked about being exclusive and they typically only hang out 2 or 3 nights a week. Hardly a very serious relationship in my mind. My end point, I think this is probably a good guy and the show and this girl are going to screw up a good thing.

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