Friday, May 30, 2008


Jenn HOBBY from the Bert Show getting divorced from SISTER Hazell's Ryan Newell

The Bert Show is really family to me and the extended family includes our amazing listeners. Sharing our personal lives is a big part of our show and I want to share as much as I can with you as part of the family.

My husband, Ryan, and I are currently separated and filing for divorce. This is really all I can share at this time. As you can imagine and as many of you have experienced, this is a sensitive and emotional time.

Thank you for your understanding.


That's really sad, they were together a long time.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The latest episode of WORKOUT on BRAVO! Jackie's mom visits!

So last nights ep was actually really boring. Jackie's mom came and didn't say much. Brianna's mom and sisters came and well they were boring too. So I see a trend with Jackie, she has girlfriends who really aren't very successful and who are needy, this allows Jackie to control them. Jackie revealed she moved in Brianna orginally because she didn't have a job. Hmmm, wonder how Brianna was paying Jackie? The more I see of this show the more I think Jackie Warner is pretty damn sick. Renessa and Greg continued their romance and Renessa again gave the goofy high school love look. The other Greg played music that was, well, bad. All in all a boring episode.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The latest episode of WORKOUT! Peeler begs for his job back and Renessa gets some c**k!

How sad, how sad, to see Peeler so pathetic as to almost beg for his job back from that skank bitch Jackie Warner. Dude, I know your friend died, your wife left, and it seems like you have money trouble but to tell Jackie you love her and then ask for your job back was just too SAD! I was so excited last week to see you stand up to her and then this week was just pathetic. MAN UP bro!

Then Renessa, girl, you got cock, granted from a good looking guy, but you didn't win the lottery for christ sake. God damn, you were like a kid on christmas the next morning. You were almost as sad as PEELER!

And then Renessa, what the hell are you apologizing for to Jackie? Granted you shouldn't have gotten drunk but you did your job the next morning. And who the hell is Jackie Warner to call you a drunk mess and say you were still drunk in front of all of the clients? Jackie keeps talking about how professional she is, wake me up, when she actually is professional.

I hate Jackie but love the show!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Greg from WORKOUT on his FEUD with JACKIE Warner how her workout line LOOKS like CRAP!

On to some of the questions and comments I have heard, starting with Jackie's clothing line! The first time I ever saw the clothing line was when the cameras were rolling. Some say I was harsh and should have talked to Jackie off-line, including Jackie, but I come from a society based on integrity and honor being in the military, where honesty is the best solution. There are many aspects to Jackie's line that I love, and only one aspect that I disagreed with .... I am a believer that working out is about working out, not what you look like ... your uniforms should be functional-based, not vanity-based. Jackie said I should have gone to her off-line, but my understanding is that "her trainers are her family!" If I am not in a safe place to bring up a suggestion about the line with her family then when is a good time? If Jackie didn't want my honest opinion expressed to all, then she should have introduced the line to me one on one. I feel in a safe environment as "one's family" it is better to have honest feedback on all levels. My feedback on one aspect (having a chick on guys' clothing) might have hurt her feelings, but isn't that better to have hurt one's feeling before the line is launched than to launch something no one will buy which will not only hurt her feelings but also her investment! Every guy I know would not wear sweats with a chick doing a press and clean down your thigh, and I think my friends represent a pretty accurate snapshot of America's purchasing customers.

For the record, Jackie Warner, your workout clothing line is a JOKE and is way too ugly, no one would wear that crap, not even your trainers!

Erika from WORKOUT on the PEELER/JACKIE WARNER drama!

Wow. Just when you guys thought you had seen it all .... There is never a dull moment here at Sky Sport. I just don't know what to say. I mean I am really confused. I first want to address the whole Lisa situation because I think it has gotten way out of control. I want everyone to pause, take a moment and take a good look at themselves in the mirror.
Who can honestly say that they have NEVER EVER gossiped about anyone in their entire life? Thought so. No it's not right; it's not cool, but we all have done it. Lisa obviously did not know that Jamie had cancer, otherwise she would not have said a word. With integrity, she stepped up to the plate, apologized, and owned her mistake. That takes a lot of heart and courage especially when America is watching and judging you.
As far as Peeler getting fired it sucks. But when the boss tells you to get out of her office, you leave and leave fast.
Ummm NO ERIKA I have never made fun of someone in a work environment!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


To clear up a couple of things: I did not make a derogatory remark about Brian Peeler's client on camera or off-camera. The only reason he tried to bring it up to me on camera is to villanize me and set me up for something I didn't do. Lisa did not know this woman had cancer and made a comment about her breasts which she apologized for. I have dealt with cancer personally as well as watched my mother struggle with it so I am very sensitive about this disease.
I have been employed in the past and in a million years would not have behaved the way Brian behaved with me. I can't imagine raising my voice or refusing to leave my boss' office when asked politely to do so. I feel totally justified in firing him. I have always personally disliked him. Please remember that this is a show and that much of the beautiful and inspiring work we did was left on the cutting room floor.
On a lighter note, I thought Erica looked beautiful during her shoot and it was a great self-esteem builder. Gregg B. and Deenie are just not fitting! Sky Lab is challenging and getting off to a rocky start but some powerful changes are yet to come.
Thank you
-Jackie Warner

LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE!! If you didn't say it, then by not firing Lisa, you condone it!! Quit trying to push it off on Peeler. And why is Jamie Eason calling you a liar?

Jamie EASON - this is the cancer survivor the gutless bitch Jackie Warner made fun of!

This young women is a breast cancer survivor who Jackie Warner on TV's BRAVO WORKOUT made fun over her breast implants. Jackie you are a classless tramp, and quit hatin on Jamie because she is 100x as hot as you!
Defiantly do not buy anything Jackie Warner related!


Fitness guru and reality cult-heroine Jackie Warner is getting thrown on the rack after remarks about a client's enhanced bosom –- that Jackie says wasn't her doing –- rubbed viewers and a big sponsor the wrong way.Propel Water told TMZ in a statement that it's pulling its sponsorship of Bravo's "Work Out" after Warner and her office manager's remarks about Jamie Eason, a breast cancer survivor, aired. Warner's camp says the offending remarks didn't come from her, but from her staff. Eason tells TMZ, "It saddens me that Jackie continues to blame the others around her."
Jackie Warner is gutless, bitch coward! If an employee really said that as Jackie claims than the employee would have and should have been fired. Jackie is very unprofessional as the show on Bravo continues to show from kissing employees to sleeping with employees - that is hardly professional behavior. This is just the latest example of her classless behavior.
How proud the gay and lesbian community must be.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Jennifer ANNISTON's pokies come out to play!

NICK Hogan gets off easy with EIGHT months prison time!

They should have given you the chair you little fuck!

HULK Hogan or TERRY Bollea, your a disrespectful FUCK just like your SON!

There was a lot of "WTF?" buzz around Hulk Hogan's appearance at his son Nick's court hearing on Friday. Why was he allowed to wear a black bandanna, when it's SOP for judges to order people who testify to lose the headgear. It's a whole respect thing.A public information officer for the Sixth Judicial Circuit said:"It would have caused a big scene to have him take it off. Technically he shouldn't have been allowed to wear it. But normally bailiffs do those things when people are coming in, and there was just so much going on that it wasn't noticed in time."Although the court doesn't have a formal dress code, no hats or caps are allowed, according to

Take off your fucking bandana you little bitch and show some damn respect, your in a court of law!