Friday, May 16, 2008

Greg from WORKOUT on his FEUD with JACKIE Warner how her workout line LOOKS like CRAP!

On to some of the questions and comments I have heard, starting with Jackie's clothing line! The first time I ever saw the clothing line was when the cameras were rolling. Some say I was harsh and should have talked to Jackie off-line, including Jackie, but I come from a society based on integrity and honor being in the military, where honesty is the best solution. There are many aspects to Jackie's line that I love, and only one aspect that I disagreed with .... I am a believer that working out is about working out, not what you look like ... your uniforms should be functional-based, not vanity-based. Jackie said I should have gone to her off-line, but my understanding is that "her trainers are her family!" If I am not in a safe place to bring up a suggestion about the line with her family then when is a good time? If Jackie didn't want my honest opinion expressed to all, then she should have introduced the line to me one on one. I feel in a safe environment as "one's family" it is better to have honest feedback on all levels. My feedback on one aspect (having a chick on guys' clothing) might have hurt her feelings, but isn't that better to have hurt one's feeling before the line is launched than to launch something no one will buy which will not only hurt her feelings but also her investment! Every guy I know would not wear sweats with a chick doing a press and clean down your thigh, and I think my friends represent a pretty accurate snapshot of America's purchasing customers.

For the record, Jackie Warner, your workout clothing line is a JOKE and is way too ugly, no one would wear that crap, not even your trainers!


Anonymous said...

Honey, spellcheck, please.
F-E-U-D. Can't say I'd like to see him in ANY clothes anyway; those abs of his are divine!

CRS said...

No time to spellcheck, sorry bud!!

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