Wednesday, May 14, 2008


To clear up a couple of things: I did not make a derogatory remark about Brian Peeler's client on camera or off-camera. The only reason he tried to bring it up to me on camera is to villanize me and set me up for something I didn't do. Lisa did not know this woman had cancer and made a comment about her breasts which she apologized for. I have dealt with cancer personally as well as watched my mother struggle with it so I am very sensitive about this disease.
I have been employed in the past and in a million years would not have behaved the way Brian behaved with me. I can't imagine raising my voice or refusing to leave my boss' office when asked politely to do so. I feel totally justified in firing him. I have always personally disliked him. Please remember that this is a show and that much of the beautiful and inspiring work we did was left on the cutting room floor.
On a lighter note, I thought Erica looked beautiful during her shoot and it was a great self-esteem builder. Gregg B. and Deenie are just not fitting! Sky Lab is challenging and getting off to a rocky start but some powerful changes are yet to come.
Thank you
-Jackie Warner

LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE!! If you didn't say it, then by not firing Lisa, you condone it!! Quit trying to push it off on Peeler. And why is Jamie Eason calling you a liar?


Anonymous said...

I used to love watching workout until I saw that episode. I was shocked at jackie and lisa's comments and found it funny how she edited out the scene that we couldn't see what happened. If she didn't say the comment then she needs to fire lisa how could you be a trainer and make fun of your clients? Or allow your employees to? Don't get me started on the fact that she fools around with her employees too she is one of the biggest hypocrite on tv.

Anonymous said...

News flash....Bravo changes name of Work Out to Wack Out, thanks to the star Wackie!

Anonymous said...

She's disgusting - jackie I mean - it was one thing to have a dysfunctional relationship with her ex mimi but to fool around with your employees is bad business. Then to make of or allow another employee to make fun of someone paying your firm is truly disgusting. In all honesty if I worked out at club sports or whatever she calls her gym and I'm sure she charges big bucks, I would have canceled today. The cancer thing doesn't matter its the making of paying clients that rubs me the wrong way. Jackie Warner in no way is a professional and I hope all the show sponsors head somewhere else.

Cambel said...

According to Jamie's boyfriend, he heard JACKIE talking about his girlfriend as well as the assistant. They cut that from the show. Jackie was pissed because there was a girl in there who was in better shape, was prettier, and younger than her. I hope no women clients would every consider training at a gym where they are treated like that.

Anonymous said...

You know their makin fun of the men too. I hope every member jackie warner has quits. And shame on the trainers like erika and jd for supporting her. Have some integrity in your life, is your integrity worth that check jackie gives you?

Anonymous said...

Shame on bravo if they got the footage of jackie saying that and not showing it. I don't think bravo got the footage or they would show it. I don't think the network would give up power like that and let the "star" have final say. I don't think bravo got that footage.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how Jackie Warner is never at fault for ANYTHING. If she ever does own up to any mistakes, it's in such an emotionless spock-like way, that it seems like she's just getting it over with.

Her ego is so large that it blinds her from anything she does that is wrong. She really does believe her "ideal" to be the truth.

She sleazes all over any cute employee that walks through the door. If it were a male employer behaving like she does, what would be a good word to describe that person...?

And yet she seems to have the ability to justify her behavior, to suit her needs.

Brian Peeler had a right to be upset about what was said about his client. But who really cares? He should start his own gym, and take Jackie's staff with him. He's better off not working for that thing.