Friday, March 30, 2007

International Travel - Look out!

If your traveling, make note of the following, according to the state department, Mexican cops are in fact dirty and if your in Qatar, try not to be in a car. See what else the international scene holds for you here:

Breanne McGregor - Cyber Girl of The Year

And now nude:

Chocalate Jesus Upsets Catholics According to MSNBC

I'm catholic and i'm not that upset about it. Is it stupid? Yes. Am I losing sleep over it? No. Stories like this lead me to believe that the media must have concrete proof that most americans are morons.
Read more about chocolate jesus here:
If your some religious zealot who is upset by this, you want want to reevaluate your life.

The government wants me to feel sorry for the dumbasses with bad loans?

What is happening with the subprime mortage crisis? Well, as usual, it is not the people who took out these loans drawing criticism, its the lenders. If a politician came out and told the truth and said that people overspent and bought too much house and they were idiots, which is the truth, he would almost certainly be voted out with the next election. So instead, the politicians are blaming the lenders so that can procure votes through the old "its not your fault". Look, if you took out one of these loans and are now struggling to pay it, I hope you lose your house. Maybe then you'll actually learn a lesson. If you can't handle the pressure, I hope you committ suicide, you are a burden to society. Live within your means, you'll be a hell of a lot happier than always trying to keep up with the Joneses who are maxed out on every credit card, have car loans they are paying 15% on and houses that they have second mortages on and no equity. I got news for you, most people are prbably not finacially comfortable until their 50's. Your parents have a big house and drive nice cars because they have worked for thirty years and it is upsurd that you think in your twenties or thirties that you should have everything they have. Stop burying yourself in debt.
Read more about the subprime fiasco here:

Market Falls on Damn, Stinky Iran!

How long are we going to put up with the middle east towelheads? As tensions rise over the hostage standoff between Iran and Britian, fears are rising that this may lead to a disruption in the supply of oil. This is driving oil higher which is driving gas prices higher and the market lower. Just a short time ago, in Atlanta gas was down to a hair under $1.90, a couple days ago I spent $2.60 a gallon. Its our own fault though for not following through on alternative fuels after the crisis in the 70's. Read more here:

Ben Stiller - He's an Ass!

I met Ben Stiller and his wife not too long ago and I have to tell you, I walked away not impressed and disappointed. Ben is hillarious in the movies but in real life he is kind of stand offish and certainly thinks he is a big deal. His wife made a point to apologize to my group for his behavior.

Citadelle Gin - Its Spicy!

I had heard many good things about Citadelle and so I picked up a bottle and gave it a shot. Here is what I found, first smell, very pleasant. Next I took a shot, I noticed a nice spice to it and not overwhelming heat from the alcohol. It is an excellent gin for martini's. For those that are vodka snobs, a real martini is made with gin and not vodka. Mixed in gin and tonic, it is good, though I prefer my gin and tonic to be for of a citrus base like Stellar Gin or Wet Gin. Vodka appeals to the masses largely because it has no taste so it mixes well. Give gin a shot and open yourself up to a whole new realm of flavor. I would rate Citadelle very favorably.

Working Out In The Morning, Is It Better?

If you want to look more like the old Britney than the new Britney, I'm here to tell you, morning workouts are the ticket. I had read in article that morning workouts boost your metabolism so I gave them a shot and guess what, I have seen substantial results. The theory is, if you work out first thing in the morning you burn more fat as your stomach is empty. The alternative, work out at night and your burning the calories you have eaten during the day. I am no expert but I will tell you I have lost weight in the week since I made the switch. The other major benefits that I have noticed are more energy throughout the day, better, more sound sleep at night, and much better results from cardio. If you can make the switch to morning workouts I highly recommend it. Read more about the benefits of morning workouts here:

Please throw bitch in jail and throw away the key!

Prosecuters are pushing to have Paris Hilton bail revoked for driving with a suspended license. Now, we all know if this was me or you we would already be in jail. This bitch needs to do some time. I hope the judge does the right thing and tosses her ass in the slammer. That would be a win for everyone in society. Paris is good example of a young rich slut who has been overindulged her whole life by mommy and daddy.
Celebs I might like to see drop dead:
1. Paris Hilton
2. Britney Spears
3. Lindsey Lohan
4. Katherine Hiegel
5. Brandon Davis - I use the term "celeb" very loosely


I don't know how I found the site but I'm glad I did. The stories this tool tells are hillarious. Are they true? I have my doubts, but none the less this site and its stories will provide you with plenty of entertainment on your down time. Make sure to read the Ms. Vermont story and Tucker's anal sex story.

UGA is Dying!!!

Georgia's lovable mascot UGA is most likely dying. If Anna Nicole gets attention so should this!
Read more here:

Entertainment News

Follow the link for todays entertainment news.

As a side note, the Bert Show sucked this week. Guys and Ladies pick up your game!

Seacrest in Atlanta for the Final Four

Seacrest confirmed on his morning show that he will be in Atlanta for the Final Four this weekend. Keep your eyes peeled if your a fan, he normally hangs out in Buckhead when he's in town and has been seen at Twist numerous times. If you see him out, post a comment.


Apparantly Britney and Kfed have reached divorce terms and dumbass will get just a million bucks and 50% of the kids. What a moron! All he could milk out of that drunk, bulimic, slut is a million? Now Kfed like most lottery winners will be broke again in a year.
Read more here:

Thursday, March 29, 2007

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If you like politics, you'll love Pure Politics!

If you try and stay in the loop of politics, its tough, Drudge and others give you a little here, a little there, but if your serious about politics, PUREPOLITICS is your stop shop. They no doubt will have the best coverage of the coming presidential primaries and election. Take my word and bookmark The founder of the site is an Atlanta native, Trey Ragsdale, and i'm here to tell you, this guy knows his business.

The Van Der Sloots - I hate them!

Until, I hear different, I don't think there is any question that Joran Van Der Sloot raped and most likely murdered Natalee Holloway of Alabama on her senior trip to Aruba. It has been almost two years now and the small island has been unable to locate her or even determine if there was a crime. I am convinced that Joran's mommy and daddy with the help of others helped in the disposal of Natalee's body. I find this whole family despicable. Definatly boycott Aruba as that whole island is culpable in this girls disappearence. Keep Natalee Holloway and her family in your prayers as the two year anniversary comes up in May. You can always keep up with any case developments at

If you like Jessica Biel, you may like men, I'm just sayin!

Look, I'm just sayin that if your a guy and you like Jessica Biel and her man like body with tits than you may very well be into men, I'm just sayin. Don't shoot the messenger.

Who can forget those Carolina Cheerleaders and their Restroom Lesbian Romp, Not Me!!

God love these girls! The best story ever. If you have forgotten or never heard about this one. Read more here:

This has to be one of my favorites of all time!

Bitch was crazy and probably still is!

Whacky Jennifer Wilbanks, the "Runaway Bride" now recruiting cops

I assumed Jennifer had probably died but apparantly not, she is now helping to recruit cops. Good for her.

Read more here:

Entertainment Buzz

Here's a collection of entertainment stories from Q100 in Atlanta, click the link below, some poor intern probably had to put it together.

Would this face drive you to suicide, yah, me neither!

Well, atleast he finally got his teeth fixed.

That's David Justice for those not in the know.

Atlantan David Justice almost drove Halle Berry to Suicide!

Well, it turns out that former major league ballplayer, David Justice almost drove Halle to suicide when their marriage broke up. Read more below:

Hot Enough? Well, thats open to interpretation!

This site bills itself as the dating service for the beautiful people. Well, I took a look and these girls are not all that damn hot. The criteria is you are supposed to be atleast an 8 to be voted onto the site. Well, I assumed that meant 8 out of 10 but apparantly it is like 8 out of 100. Go judge for yourself.

LB's Jessica Smith makes Bail!!! YAHHHHHH!!!!

Bitch is back on the streets and back to blowing guys in the bathroom. If you live in LA stay off the streets. Read more at the above link.

Johnson And Johnson - Easy Money?

While the market continues to slide up and down and is largely flat for the year, one stock Johnson and Johnson seems to have bottomed and leveled off at 60. Stock symbol, JNJ. I like this stock number one because of its price. I think its a value at this level. I also like it because it is so well diversified and lets face it, we all have a johnson and johnson product somewhere in our house. If and when the market falls into recession, johnson and johnson should stand up well as we all will continue to purchase their products as they make necessities. I think Johnson and Johnson has an upside of 10 to 12% over the next six months and possibly as much as 20% in the next year. In the meantime, you can enjoy a 2% dividend. As always do your own research.

Lazy sons of bitches continue to screw us all!

Late payments on cars and home equity loans continue to rise. Why? Because of the damn deadbeats that buy more car than they can afford and the damn deadbeats that live far beyond their means. If you don't have cash then don't buy it. This rule should apply to pretty much everything in your life with the possible exception of a house or other large business venture. How does this affect you if you have good credit? One, you pay higher rates and more fees so the banks and lenders and can offset their losses. Watch, the fees on checking and other banking that disappeared will reemerge as the banks struggle with bad loans. It also affects most money that you have invested as the stock market continues to react poorly to the poor homebuilding numbers and the number of loans going bad. If you don't have the cash for that new pair of shoes ladies or that new car guys than don't damn buy it.

Diddy is fat as hell and now full of shit!

Diddy in addition to now being a fat ass, is a lyin son of bitch, he claims to have had sex for 30 straight hours. Yah right.
Read more here:

Halle's Tits Are HUGE! I did not know that!

Are they as nice as Jennifer Lovely's? No they are not but all the same I would like to___________ blank with her tits. Now you fill in the blank your self and keep it to yourself.

The Mormons are HOTTTTTTTT!!

Here the BYU cheerleaders are, now this is how cheerleaders are supposed to look. USC take notes. Who knew mormon girls were such hotties. And you can have like five of them as your wives, NICE. Come to think of it, I knew a mormon girl in high school and she was hot too. Interesting.

Make an IRA Contribution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look, think about your future and make a contribution to an IRA or a Roth IRA. You can contribute up to $4,000.00 this year but you have to do it by April 17, 2007. Here's how it works, regular IRA, you take a tax deduction this year. A roth, you get no deduction but you never pay taxes on all of your gains. So, in my mind, the Roth is a much better deal. Click the picture above and you can set up an IRA in probably 10 minutes or less. DO IT!!!!!!!

LB's Kristen now working the deli at Publix!

My, oh my, how fast the reality stars fall. Kristen as evidenced by the hair net will soon be working your Publix deli. In all seriousness she was apparantly getting lasik surgery. Bitch is blind, no wonder she's with Nick Zano.

LB's Jessica Smith being held on $100,000.00 Bail?

To update from yesterday, Jessica Smith, aka Dieters bitch and Wahlers ho, was in an accident and arrested for DUI. Well, apparantly she is being held on a $100,000.00 bail - I have never heard of such a thing for a DUI - there must be more to this story.

Jack Osbourne leaves Idol

Jack Osbourne aka Chris Sligh on American Idol was booted last night and as I predicted and told you yesterday Sanjay was not in the bottom three.
I also predicted that Sanjay may very win due to an Idol backlash and this theory is catching fire now in the mainstram media.
I think this may create a backlash against Sanjay and I will be interested to see how the voting goes next week.

I can't believe the media is covering this Trump/McMahon BS

Why the hell is this Donald Trump and Vince McMahon feux fued getting any coverage. No way in hell the Donald shaves his head. This is the stupidest thing I have heard.
But if your interested, here you go:

Run's House Tradgedy

Apparantly this happened awhile ago but if you remember on the last season of Run's House on MTV his wife had just gotten pregnant. Well, apparantly the child was born with a defect where the organs are on the outside of the body. Needless to say the little girl could not survive. MTV had the camera's rolling and the next season will deal with how the family copes with this tragic loss.

Read more here: