Monday, November 10, 2008

Open Letter to Sean William Scott: JENN HOBBY IS CRAZY!! Run away DUDE and fast!

Last week Q100's desperate Jenn Hobby asked Sean William Scott out and since then she is wating for him to call her just to catch you up.
Jenn is a recent divorcee is who is rumored to have divorced because she cheated with a station photographer.
Sean, run, run away!! She is doable cute but you can do better. She has done nothing but gab about your tow minute conversation for five days now! That is PSYCHO! If you need the publicity I am sure she would be up for a sex tape, thats how desperate she is for attention!

Adrienne Bailon shows her BOOTY!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

BERT WEISS should have his KIDS taken away NOW!

So yesterday dumbass Bert Weiss played a clip of his son Hayden on the radio, Hayden said the Weiss family was "doomed" if Barack Obama did not win the election.

Way to go Bert and Stacy, way to scare the fuck out of your son, and make him think the world was doomed if BO did not win. Bert wondered where he got that idea, hey, dumbass, he got it from your and fake titted wife! Who the hell do you think he got it from?

Hayden probably had sleepless nights worrying because you put those sick ideas in his head.

Defax should come take your kids!

By the way, I hope when BO cuts military and homeland security spending that your son doesn't get blown up in front of your face because of a new terrororist attack on this country. I hope you don't see your son get his arm or leg blown off because of your stupidity. How quickly you dimwits forgot 9/11!

Friday, September 26, 2008


There is a serious gas shortage and I believe the fuel used to fuel buses to carry teams to hs and college football games is a serious waste. Fuel to go to Braves games, Falcons games, Georgia Bulldog games is wasteful! Listen, I love UGA football, but there is no harm in rescheduling the game this weekend. Think of all the wasted fuel to get from Atlanta to Athens and back. WASTE!!

This must be done!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Multiple times per week, Bert Weiss, lead dumbass, of the Bert Show, on All the Hits Q100 in Atlanta feels the need to say he doesn't know who he's voting for but then every chance he gets he praises Barack and bashes John McCain.
Example, yesterday John McCain said he was headed to Washington to participate in the bailout discussions and vote on its approval. And because of this he wanted to possibly pospone a scheduled debate with Barack Obama. So today, here comes little Bert with his bashing, oh, John McCain must be scared and Barack, he's right, you have to be able to do many things at once as President.
Bert, you stupid, uneducated fuck! Bert for those that don't know is a former San Diego St. stoner, drug addict, alcoholic dropout! This is 700 billion dollars we're talking about you jackfuck, I would much rather see McCain and Barack back in the senate debating its merits and coming to conclusions and compromises than having some hour long debate where they both spout their prospective party lines.
We can have the debate another day.
Oh, by the way, who did BERTY vote for in the primaries, that's right kids, he voted the democrat primary and voted for who else but Barack! This, even after, talking an internet quiz that said he should vote for Mitt Romney. How dumb are you BERTY?
Bert wants to put this nitwit communist Barack Obama who can give a good speech the reins to lead the country. What has Barack ever done? Oh yah, over 150 times he voted "PRESENT" in the senate.
Bert go drink yourself stupid and then hide in a bar corner like you do every weekend you dumbfuck and leave the thinking and the decisions to the grownups!