Wednesday, November 5, 2008

BERT WEISS should have his KIDS taken away NOW!

So yesterday dumbass Bert Weiss played a clip of his son Hayden on the radio, Hayden said the Weiss family was "doomed" if Barack Obama did not win the election.

Way to go Bert and Stacy, way to scare the fuck out of your son, and make him think the world was doomed if BO did not win. Bert wondered where he got that idea, hey, dumbass, he got it from your and fake titted wife! Who the hell do you think he got it from?

Hayden probably had sleepless nights worrying because you put those sick ideas in his head.

Defax should come take your kids!

By the way, I hope when BO cuts military and homeland security spending that your son doesn't get blown up in front of your face because of a new terrororist attack on this country. I hope you don't see your son get his arm or leg blown off because of your stupidity. How quickly you dimwits forgot 9/11!

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