Thursday, May 31, 2007

I need to vent on this Vick deal!

I need to vent on this whole Michael Vick and dog fighting brooh haha or scandal, whichever you prefer. First, if read here reguarly you know I am not the biggest fan so what I am about to say may shock you. I think Vick is getting a bad rap on this one and here's why: First, by the prosecuter's own admission last week, the dogs originally confiscated at his Virginia property were actually well cared for and only needed to put down because of a lack of homes for the dogs. Two, I am sick of unnamed sources and people hiding in the dark and needing their voices altered. These people do not seem credible, if you got something to say state your f-ing name and say it. Otherwise your a coward and just keep your f-ing mouth shut! Three, just like Duke this seems like a case where the media with few real FACTS at this point has already convicted him of wrongdoing. Four, people talk about he has a "trackrecord" now of crime, herpes is a crime, huh? The miami deal no charges were brought and although I personally hate smoking in any form and certainly don't approve of weed, I don't actually care what the guy does in his own time and at his own home. Five, I love animals, but you would think the allegations of possibly thirty buried dogs on his property, mind you this rumour too, were actually thirty dead people that Vick actually murdered himself. This is dogs we're talking about, I love them too and I don't approve or condone dogfighting in any way but its still dogs and to me this is no better than people that hunt deer and don't waste your time telling me hunting is legal and the deer population needs to be controlled. People are still killing animals!!!!!!! So if your one of these people on their high horse in this than you better find out every NFL player that hunts and get on his ass too. Lets get all the facts before we start piling on this guy. If he did engage in dog fighting he should be punished and either way I think he needs to make a significant donation to the humane society or something similar if for no other reason than 60 dogs did need to be put down which is sad. And when I say significant I am talking atleast a million bucks. He makes 13 million a year! This could be the first and last time I defend this guy but I am sick of the media and people in general just piling on with little fact. Also, let's remember he's a football player not Jesus!

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