Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Melissa CARTER - WHY is she VOTING for HILLARY? Is MELISSA CARTER a socialist?

Melissa CARTER of the BERT SHOW and ALL THE HITS Q100 in ATLANTA today disclosed on AIR that she voted for Hillary Clinton yesterday in SUPER TUESDAY. Melissa is a proud lesbian which is fine but when you waste your vote which is most likely what she did because she thinks Hillary would GAY MARRIAGE approved that DISTURBS me. There is a thought in the gay community that Hillary is most open to gay marriage. So Melissa will sacrifice our country to Hillary's socialist beliefs so that she and her little lesbian and gay friends can get married. Either that or Melissa buys hook line and sinker all of Hillarys bs and socialist attitudes and attitudes that we should all one day be financial equals. People like Melissa Carter are dangerous. People like Melissa Carter are the reason this country is allowed to get lazier and lazier and live off the governments nipple.

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