Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Georgia Tech's Thaddeus Young makes himself elgible for the NBA draft, what a moron!

Thaddeus Young of Georgia Tech declared for the NBA Draft yesterday, now he was smart enough to not hire an agent so he can return if he is not drafted high enough but I can tell you from watching this kid last year he is NOT READY. Against UNLV in the NCAA tourney he was terrible. He does this little move where he dribbles between his legs like a third grader. He needs atleast another year of seasoning if not two. These kids need to stop listening to their hangers on and start staying in school unless they are an exceptional talent like an Oden or a Durant who proved their worth in college. Thaddeus would be another Sebastian Telfair or Louis Williams. Get an insurance policy in case you get hurt but think long term. Unless you are lottery, the money is good but it won't last a lifetime after agents and taxes.

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