Thursday, April 26, 2007

Here are my gripes about the gym

Let me vent for a second on the gym, maybe you too have had similar expierences:

1. People that don't wipe down the precors and treadmills after they sweat all over the handles - this is annoying!
2. People that use the precors for like 30 or 40 minutes when the sign clearly says there is a 20 minute limit when people are waiting. You know they see the damn sign and the people waiting!
3. People that smell - for christ sake deodorant costs like 2 bucks - USE IT!
4. The gym when its not clean, trash is overflowing and the dumbass front people are standing around looking stupid, the gym when it doesn't fix precors or equipment within a couple days, old equipment that is worn and needs replacement.
5. People that don't put the weights back, shit, its not your private home gym loser!

Thats all i can really think but those things really piss me off!

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