Friday, June 15, 2007

Patron Reposado

Hey, its the weekend and let's be honest you probably want to kick back and have a cocktail in a couple hours here on the east coast or five or six on the west coast, well, Patron Reposado will get your weekend off to a great start. Reposado is a fine tequilla for sipping like a fine cognac, it is 100% agave and is aged a minimum of six months in oak casks. It is smooth and has a nice finishing heat if you choose to drink it straight or on the rocks. It also makes a fabulous maragrita. Now a real margarita isn't the frozen mess you might be used to, it is simply one part reposado, one part simple syrup and one part lime shaken in a shaker with plenty of ice and then served over ice and finished with a lime wedge. Enjoy Reposado this weekend!

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