Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Jenn Hobby: Radio Personality, Q100’s The Bert Show
“The ricotta beignets with hot chocolate sauce at Shaun's Restaurant in Inman Park make a Sunday brunch anything but pious! A friend introduced me to them and I simply can't get enough. They arrive at the table like a little mountain of seduction. The mini-beignets melt in your mouth and the warm chocolate coats your lips just enough to require giving them an extra lick. They are satisfying, sweetly sinful and $6 on their summer brunch menu. Plus, I just feel naughty indulging in these bite-sized, flirty favorites. I love dishing delicious stories with girlfriends over these bad boys... kiss and tell, anyone? Better yet, feed them to your lover and stimulate a swift return to your bedroom.”
Settle down girl, its food!

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