Tuesday, June 10, 2008

LULU Spencer: The MOST ANNOYING charachter on all of TV!!

Lulu Spencer is on a soap opera, General Hospital. And I have decided I hate her because she is just too f-ing annoying! Bitch is in everyone's business all day long. She's telling her brother Nick to stay away from Claudia because she's in the mob. Who's Lulu screwing, Johnny Zacara, who is Claudia's sister and also in the mob. When she's not bitching about that, she's bitching at Jason Morgan the head of the rival crime family not to hurt Johnny. Its like LULU shut the hell up! Then she's in Spinelli's business about hanging out with Maxie. It's like look girl, mind your damn business! Then when she's not doing that she's in Carly's business. God damn, I hate LULU! Nothing would make me happier than to see her get caught in the crossfire of the pending mob war and killed!

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AndreaSingh86 said...

I agree, but you know that would never happen (her getting killed off) because shes the "daughter of legendary Luke and Laura". It sucks that two of the best characters and actors in soap history eventually had the most annoying offspring to ever set foot on the set. Because I'm sorry, Greg Vaughn as lucky is nothing more than eye candy. He is quite possibly one of the worst soap actors of all time (not including the monkeys that used to act on Passions)... It's a damn shame. In lulu's case its not so much Julie Marie Berman or w/e her name is, because given proper material the girl is a decent actor. However, since the whole fiasco with her and Diego breaking up Georgie and Dillon, Guza hasnt given her any decent material... he's turned her into an annoying, selfish, nosy, "look at me I'm a badass spencer"..brat. It's sad indeed.