Tuesday, July 10, 2007

As someone that owns a business, bravo to Sprint Nextel!

I don't know how many of you have heard but Sprint Nextel recently made the decision to cut loose customers who call their customer service lines the most. The sent letters to these people explaining that they did not feel they could adequatly meet the customers needs and they would be discontinuing service. Bravo for a number of reasons, one, they are right and they obviously could not meet these customers demands and so the consumer should move on to another carrier, two, they did it in a nice way, and three, the CUSTOMER IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT. Now, I have no idea what these people's complaints were but the customer has a responsibility to be courteous and respectful as well and the relationship should not only be advantegeous to the consumer but the provider as well. I have no problems with companies cutting loose consumers that are unprofitable or troublesome. Remember, the next time you get mad that it is a two way street with whoever is providing a product or service to you. Can customer service be much better? Absolutly. Can the consumer work better with the company they are having a problem with? Yes. And this is from someone that has had problems with Bank of America and Apple in the last week, two companies I love and the products and services they provide. With Apple, my shuffle broke and would not work after six months. I called to find out my options and was told that most technical problems appear within 3 months nevermind that it is has a one year warranty - this in my opinion is TERRIBLE customer service. That said, the shuffle cost $80 bucks and I use 5 or 6 times a week in the gym so I could either gripe and moan or just buy a new one. So I bought the new one and hopefully in the meantime the old one gets fixed. Bank of America double posted a check to my account and it took literally 5 calls and them telling me to call the branch for a mistake their teller made. Again, TERRIBLE customer service, but in the end after five calls I found someone that took the bull by the horns and fixed my problem. So, am I leaving Bank of America, no, they still help me time in and time out and they have branches everywhere which is convient for me. Its a two way street, if you love the companies you work with, learn to deal with the occasional problem, if you don't love the companies, find someone you do like and if you can't - maybe its not them - its you!

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