Monday, July 9, 2007

How have my stock picks been that I have given you, lets look at two:

On 4/25 I recommended First Marblehead (FMD) at $36.00 a share and on 4/20 I recommended Capital One (COF) at $72.97.

Today FMD trades at $39.40 plus you would have captured a share of the annual $1.00 a share dividend so you would have a gain of 9.4% in a little over 2 months plus the dividend of a .25 adds about a little over half a percent so you would be up about 10%.

Today COF trades at $79.02. So you would be up about 8.2% on that one. Not bad at all particularly when you consider Financials are in the toilet.

I still like FMD though you can probably get it on a market pullback atleast a buck or a buck fifty a share cheaper. As for COF, I like it here if you intend to hold for atleast a year, if not buy on a pullback.

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