Monday, July 2, 2007

Let me finally weigh in on Chris Benoit

Chris Benoit, the wrestler who murdered his wife and son and comitted suicide. Here's my take: Were steroids the main cause? I say absolutly not, I agree with the WWE that he did think about his acts over the course of atleast three days. You do not murder your wife one day, kill your son the next, send text messages, put bibles at their feet and then eventually kill yourself if you are on roid rage. Should the WWE test for steroids? No, this is entertainment and if the wrestlers CHOOSE to take them then the WWE should not be forced to test for them. People don't realize but one of the major benefits of steroids is not the size and strength gains but the recovery time from strain and injury. I do think that people in violent sports like boxing, wrestling and football are more likely to be involved in abuse. I just don't buy that people have a switch that they can flip on and off aggressive, violent behavior. So whats my take on Benoit? I think he just lost his mind.

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