Tuesday, July 10, 2007

So here in Atlanta, with the "Tragic" death of Daniel Peek, the football player I have talked about a few times who "tragically" died after driving with a BA of .138, without a seatbelt, and by the way he was coked up, managed to hit a mailbox, shoot himself through the windshield and kill himself from his injuries a few days later. Well, this "TRADGEDY" is pushing some peoples agenda to drug test high school athletes because we all know that government needs to be involved in every aspect of our lives because we as parents and a society are unable to police ourselves let alone our kids. This DISGUSTS me! Whenever anything goes awry anymore, people immediately want new laws or drug tests or for the government to take care of the PROBLEM. I saw it after the wacko shot up VT and it was the schools fault and it was the fault of everyone and anyone but the kid that lost his damn mind and killed 30 kids, some even blamed the dead kids themselves ala Neal Boortz for not fighting back. People want the government to provide them their healthcare, their retirement, their job, their life. You know what I want from the government, key functions, roads, essential laws and security and thats about it. I don't want the government to provide me social security, healthcare, meaningless government programs, etc. I, as an individual, am smart enough and hard working enough to secure my own future. If your dependent on the government, ask yourself why? What choices did you make in your life that have caused your dependence on the government? Now back to the schools drug testing kids, I don't want the government involved in this, it is my responsibility to make sure MY kids do the right things. I heard a rather novel idea this morning and it always impresses me when parents are intelligent and do intelligent things. A parent wanting to make sure when their kid was 17 was not on drugs authorized the childs doctor when they drew blood to also do a drug test. The kid did not know, so no loss of trust and what do you know the kid came back clean. If more parents put thought into creative measures like this, we as a society would be much better off. Obviously, that father put a great deal of thought into that and by putting the thought in, that tells me they really love their kid. Stop pushing for the government to take care of your problems, take care of them yourself!

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