Friday, July 13, 2007

So i'm curious

Take a minute today and posts the three news events that have affected you the most personally:

For example mine are:

1. Reagan getting shot, for those that haven't been through a president getting shot, I honestly don't think there is a bigger deal.
2. The first shuttle explosion, just total shock that day, particularly with a teacher on board.
3. 9/11 - only time I can remember being really worried about our country and the world in general the night of the 11th when I went to bed.

I am curious what has affected others.


Princess said...

I would have to say 9/11 is the biggest one. The Shuttle is a good one too. I'd have to think about this some more to really know but for sure 9/11 tops my list.

Anonymous said...

I would guess most people under 25 would say 9/11 - but I would guess most people around for kennedy and 9/11 would say kennedy