Thursday, July 19, 2007

Vick - Time to pack up partner!

So, Vick got indicted, what does it mean? Well, federal prosecuters have a success rate of 97%. What does this tell me? They don't bring charges until they know they can win. In other words, Vick is going down. So Vick was a part of dogs being slammed to the ground, raped by other dogs, wet down and electrocuted, hung, and strangled. Nice guy, that Vick! Add that to spreading herpes to unknown long term female relationship and transporting drugs in a water bottle and you get a good picture that Michael is not really the person you want to pay 15 million a year to quarterback your team. It's time to cut this guy loose, take the cap hit and move on. He is a cancer, a dog killer, a bad human being. Cut him loose!
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