Monday, September 24, 2007

The Atlanta Falcons

Certainly continue to affirm with me they are the worst team in the league. As I have said before this is a team capable of 14 points on offense most weeks and giving up 21 on defense, it will be hard to win 2 games with this group and that spread. The only reason I say two wins is because I think Leftwich and Morton Anderson may be able to close that spread.

Who should be taking the heat for this team? To me, its quite frankly Rich McKay, I have felt for a couple years he is overrated and like many in the NFL, able to live off a past super bowl. Quite honestly, he has been unable to draft any real offensive or defensive talent that is of note. Deangelo Hall has been and continues to be one of the most overrated players in the NFL. And though Roddy White is improving, McKay has not drafted anyone on offense who is star-calliber.

The future? As of now we seem a lock for the 2008 #1 draft pick. No quarterbacks to me are overly impressive and deserving of a #1 overall. If i'm the Falcons, its a no brainer and I take McFadden out of Arkansas and hope Woodson of Kentucky drops to me at the top of the second round. McFadden would solve a lot of problems, he would allow us to control the clock and keep the defense fresh enhansing their ability. Whatever young buck comes in at quarterback will need time, so Leftwich assuming he can stay healthy could be very good. The other thing I would personally like to see is the Falcons renegotiate with Vick assuming he recieves a one year sentence and use him as a slash. In all honesty he owes the Falcons after lying and engaging in the dog fighting. Vick needs to accept that losing a year ends his quarterback career for the most part and accept he would be best as a reciever/running back/special package quarterback.

The worst thing that could happen to this team is start to win.

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