Friday, July 6, 2007

If your a guy or you have a husband or boyfriend, or your dad or brother's birthday is coming up, then here you go!

Polo is having a good polo shirt sale right now, here is the link
Also items like sheets for your bed, towels, shoes, and many other items are also on sale. Also, if you buy more than one shirt you get free shipping. I shop online for polo all the time, shirts arrive in original plastic so you don't have to worry about stains or snags that happen in the retail Macy's or whereever because people are looking for sizes. Shirts that were 70 or 80 dollars are now 40 or 50. Towels are 30% off or so, so its a great time to stock up on towels, you could easily get 7 days of towels for a little over $100.00 and their towels last a long time and are very soft. I bought 5 shirts earlier today for a little over $300.00 and they would have cost around $450.00 without the sale. So its definatly worth a look.

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