Wednesday, July 11, 2007

New topic for discussion

So, the radio had a story on this morning with two key player, older sister getting married and younger sister who just eloped. So, this past weekend the older sister got married and the damn younger sister who had just eloped came back into town and on the way to the reception told the parents she had gotten married in Vegas. Bitch, stole older sisters spotlight and the dumb parents actually celebrated the younger sisters marriage at the older sisters reception! THAT IS WRONG! So, anyhow, younger sister called in the show today to defend herself, because the other day a guest from the wedding had called in and said the wedding because of her announcement had turned into a disaster, she said all people talked about was the younger sister all reception long! Apparantly too, the maid of honor for the older sister, after a few drinks let the little younger sister bitch have it! Good for her! Bravo! So the younger sister called in to say that everything was fine in the family and everyone just needed to butt out of her business! What a little bitch! So a few things, anyone ever have a similar situation? Anyone want to defend the younger sister?

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