Monday, December 3, 2007

Afternoon Drive

Did Paris Hilton get new lips too?
Joan Van Ark is not looking so good
Katherine Heigl really shouldn’t be complaining.
Lindsay Lohan is not so coy at Koi
Julia Roberts chases paparazzi.
Whitney Houston is back on stage.
Keri Russell is still emotional
The Victoria’s Secret fashion show airs this week.
Amy Winehouse cries in her bra
Will Smith doesn’t think Scientology is for him
Jessica Simpson shows off her new boyfriend
School lunch… is served!

Ethan Hawke has been dating his children’s former nanny for almost two years. The former nanny, Ryan, contacted Hawke after his divorce to confess her feelings and they have been together ever since.

Fergie reportedly threw a hissy fit backstage at Thursday’s Wilhelmina modeling agency party. After refusing to go onstage for almost two hours, she finally surfaced and performed to a crowd that included LL Cool J, Gabriel Aubrey, and Seann William Scott.

Pete Wentz is denying a Post report that he filed a cease-and-desist order against metal band Neurosonic for bashing girlfriend Ashlee Simpson. “I would never censor someone.The truth is I have never heard of this band or this song,” Pete told the Daily News.

Rachael Ray says her pet pooch Isaboo is ruining her sex life. “John and I have to hire a baby-sitter just to get some,” Rachael quipped at North Shore Animal League’s DogCatemy party.

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