Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Afternoon Drive

Does J.Lo have two baking in the oven?
Time is ticking for Pamela Anderson
Hayden Panettiere’s boots were made for walkin’
The Bourne Ultimatum DVD is out. Go get it!
Adriana Lima is red hot
Ashley and MK have been dubbed the Trollsen Twins
Does Paris like carrots?
What’s up with Madonna’s eyes?
McDreamy doesn’t think he’s dreamy
Retro New York Style - All for under $50!
Jack Nicholson has Departed
Carrie Underwood and Miley Cyrus rockin’ together on New Year’s Eve

Madonna tells the Daily News she’s ready and willing to lend her star power to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Jessica Simpson was furious when she found out that friend Eva Longoria hung out with her ex,
John Mayer, the other night at Gold Bar on Broome Street. An insider says Jessica “went nuts” and called Longoria a “backstabber” for being friendly with one of her exes.

Eddie Van Halen returned to L.A. from touring only to discover that a broken water main had sent thousands of gallons of water into his yard.

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