Monday, March 10, 2008

Clooney getting married? Katie Holmes, Cavallari, Paris Hilton, Lauren CONRAD and more in TODAY's addition!

Clooney is getting married
Katie Holmes was Tom Cruise’s fourth choice
Check out the celebrity PSA response to Lawrence King’s murder
Jennifer Esposito is in good shape
K-Fed golfs with Britney’s dad
Kristin Cavallari is a bebe babe
Matthew McConaughey will name son after beer
Paris Hilton is already wearing Benji Madden jewels
Star Jones is headed for a divorce
Jessica Simpson leaves for Kuwait
The wild world of Sergio Rossi
John Mayer writes 10 lines about his ex
Jamie Lynn is definitely starting to show
Video footage of The Hills stars Lauren and Lauren going grocery shopping
Josh Hartnett and Helena Christensen have split after almost a year of dating, according to friends.

Barack Obama is lending his voice to Q-Tip’s new album, due out in June. Obama apparently speaks on one of the tracks. Umm, too much??

Oprah emailed hundreds of thousands of fans over the weekend to apologize about her first live webcast being a complete technical disaster. Another webcast is scheduled for tonight and 1 million people are expected to tune in.

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