Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tara Reid DRUNK again, Heather Mills complains $50 million not enough and MORE!

Tara Reid is looking super sexy
Sarah Jessica Parker is voted Maxim‘s Unsexiest Woman in the World
Heather Mills is complaining
Kate Beckinsale goes commando during a late night talk show appearance
David Beckham is looking delicious in LA
Matthew McConaughey is an African Wrestling Champ
Britney Spears scowls at life
Matthew McConaughey does Jake Gyllenhaal
Colin Farrell loves to sweat in silence
Luxury interiors at Roche Bobois
Shia LaBeouf is a wanted man
Figure-skating champion Johnny Weir says: My sexuality is sacred, as is my hand lotion
MTV will bring together Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama
Ashley Olsen is an All-American Girl

The 90210 spinoff will focus on Mills family from St. Louis. Read more details at Variety.

Simon Cowell pays off one family’s $162K mortgage. HOW NICE!

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