Monday, March 24, 2008

Walter HILL looking good for the Georgia football team!

Walter Hill's size, 6-4, has started to come into play at the wide receiver spot.
The former basketball player showed off his size and athleticism during a practice last week.

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"He caught everything thrown his way,'' said Georgia coach Mark Richt. "He happened to be the guy who the ball got directed to all day."
But just catching it around Georgia is a big deal. The team lost two typically sure-handed receivers in Sean Bailey and Mikey Henderson. So there is a search to find guys who can pull in Matthew Stafford passes.

Hill proved he had what it took on one touchdown pass.

"The play he made in the end zone was big," Richt said. "It was a ball inside the five going in and a typical fade throw. The ball was put in a good spot and he gathered up, boxed him out and made the catch."

For Aron White, catching is the easy part these days. The redshirt freshman tight end is still working on becoming a solid blocker along the line. His size, 225-230 pounds, has a lot to do with his struggles.

"He is learning he is the kind of guy that is not going to whip anybody with brute force," Richt said. "He has got to learn to be a great technician. He has got to have great pad level and learn to be tenacious and just run your feet on these blocks."
Richt said in blocking situations the players wants to get a good initial stop on the rushing player. But eventually that rusher is going to try and come off the block.

"If the offensive player is athlete enough when that defender starts to go off in a direction, if you can keep you feet moving you can gain the power advantage," Richt said. "(White) has got to hope for a stalemate and when the defender goes to make the play he has got to stick on him, run his feet and make the play."

Linebacker Darius Dewberry is scheduled to undergo surgery on his groin and will be out for an extended amount of time. The surgery is to release the tension on a tendon that has been problematic for Dewberry. He should be 100 percent in time for fall practice, Richt said.
Dewberry was one of the players who was crosstraining at strong and middle linebacker to make up for the injury to middle linebacker Marcus Washington (shoulder). Now the middle linebacker spot has Dannell Ellerbe as the starter and Darryl Gamble as the backup. Akeem Dent can play middle but is also at strongside linebacker. Redshirt freshman Charles White is third string at middle linebacker

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