Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Entertainment UPDATE!!

Mel Gibson catches up on his gay literature
Jared Leto sucking face with Paris
Jeremy Piven is stalking Dita Von Teese
Bikini-clad Liv Tyler frolicks along the beach
Jennifer Aniston is chilly
Joe Simpson likes to play third wheel
Matthew Perry should wear his sunglasses
Times Square Dynamics
Denise Richards battles Charlie Sheen over reality show
Plastic Land’s looks for less
Kate Beckinsale is an angry woman
Kate Moss is seeking legal action against UK paper
Sundance party-goers rally through weekend No. 1
Celebrity Presidential endorsement quotes
Oprah is reportedly fuming over Dr. Phil

Survivor winner Yul Kwon has been forbidden to open up a yogurt shop in San Francisco, Calif.

Despite getting grilled by Letterman last September, Paris Hilton is reportedly scheduled to appear on the show Feb. 1.

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