Friday, January 25, 2008


She's never gonna be talking to this dude again!

Unfitney's uncle, William Spears, spoke exclu$ively to The Sun about his trainwreck of a niece.
And he drops some bombshells!

Here are a few highlights:

- He says Brit, 26, started DRINKING when she was a 13-year-old Mickey Mouse Club presenter and dabbled with DRUGS from the age of 14.
- She is also terrified she will mimic her tragic grandmother Emma Jean, who committed suicide aged 31.
- After her turbulent early years, Willie says she went “buck-wild” on turning 18, snorting cocaine on her birthday, adding: “She has tried just about everything - cocaine, crystal meth, ecstasy.”
- He says: “I’m not just a family friend or someone who claims to know them. I was there every day, working with them. I have seen all the terrible things happen.”
- He believes her drug-taking started at 14 with marijuana but adds: “It got worse when she got famous and she found out that people would do what she wanted them to. She wanted to drink, party and go where she wanted to go. She is a ruthless little thing, make no mistake. Nobody controls her. She bosses everyone around her.”
- Willie says his brother JAMIE - Britney’s dad - must take a large chunk of responsibility for her boozy lifestyle.
- “Just about everyone in the Spears family is a drunk and Britney’s dad Jamie was one of the worst. He would drink from daylight to night. Britney saw him drunk all the time.”
- Willie is a recovering drug addict and has been clean for more than four years. But sensationally he admits taking drugs with Britney in the past.
- He says: “I know she did cocaine on her 18th birthday - I was there. We were at a party in an apartment and I spotted her doing a line just before I did one. We smoked pot together too.”
- "The drug use went up overnight when she moved to LA to pursue her career. The drugs and the alcohol helped her cope with the pressure - helped her to escape from reality. We thought maybe getting married and having kids would help her settle down but it was quite the opposite.”
- He says: “Britney is in an unstable state of mind now and there is nothing anyone can do about it. She is not listening to anybody. She has fired all the people around her who cared because she simply doesn’t want people to tell her to stop doing the things she is doing.”
- “If people think she has reached the bottom, they are very wrong. Suicide is the bottom line for Britney.”

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