Saturday, January 5, 2008

Mariah Carey feeds her puppies.
Tori Spelling has left her beloved Chateau La Rue
Lindsay Lohan falls off the wagon
Britney looks good on a gurney
Paris and her blue-shirted boys
Lil’ Jon stole Avril’s countdown
Pamela Anderson is filing for divorce after all
Hollywood sure loves to get high.
Natalie Imbruglia splits from husband
You too can look hat-tastic!
Penelope Cruz did not make out with her sister Monica.
None of the hospital staff wanted to sit with poor Britney!

Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer says the rehabbed actress is “back on track” after she slipped and drank alcohol during a New Year’s Eve party in Italy. Attorney Blair Berk said Lohan called her sponsor immediately after the incident.

Russell Crowe is waging a campaign against the 20,000 poker consoles found in Australian pubs, saying they’re corrupting his countrymen. He’s printed T-shirts, started a Facebook group and even persuaded the board of his Sydney rugby club to yank them from local bars.

7.2 million viewers tuned in for Jay Leno’s return to air Wednesday, almost 2 million more than who tuned in to see David Letterman. Leno is in trouble with The Writers Guild of America for penning his own monologues. The guild claims the Tonight Show host is violating union rules.

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