Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Diane Kruger takes the covers of Germany’s GQ and Vogue
Beyonce and Tina Turner may duet at the Grammys
Pink is really smart
Mischa Barton seems to habitually lose her top.
Mariah Carey covers up her bits
Brit has a mysterious stain on her shirt
Britney wants to have Adnan Ghalib’s baby
Strange toys from around the world.
Lenny Kravitz practices abstinence
Scope out Zooey Deschanel’s celeb style
A little preview of Filth & Wisdom, Madonna’s directorial debut
Britney arrives at L.A. County Courthouse
Wikipedia is spinning off a website for chicks called Chickipedia

George Clooney’s rep says that he’s “not at liberty” to say why the actor has yet to make a statement about his Oscar nomination. Some believe Clooney hasn’t spoken up because he’s involved in a top-secret effort to broker a deal between the producers and striking writers. George’s handlers say all will be revealed in time.

The Writers Guild of America said Tuesday that it would not picket the Feb. 10 Grammy Awards.

Brit’s paparazzo pal Adnan Ghalib tells Entertainment Tonight that he’d marry Britney and believes that the pop star wants to have his baby. The paparazzo denied rumors that Brit took out a restraining order on him and says their relationship is “far from over.” He also says that Brit sometimes speaks with a British accent because she thinks it’s cute, not because she’s crazy. Meanwhile, Ghalib’s wife filed formal separation papers yesterday citing “irreconcilable differences.”

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