Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday RUSH!

Michelle Williams is considering moving to Manhattan and leaving the Brooklyn townhouse she shared with her ex, Heath Ledger (father of her daughter Matilda) because it “is too big for just her and the baby.”
· Natalie Portman and her model boyfriend Nathan Bogle were rejected from a table at NYC eatery Apizz because they didn’t have a reservation. Says a witness: “Natalie leaned in, flashed a mischievous smile, and asked [the manager], 'Are you sure?'" He was.
· Joan Rivers says she once spent thousands of dollars on a ghostbuster to exorcise a specter that lived in her NYC apartment.
· Heiress/model Lydia Hearst and boyfriend Cisco Adler got matching skeleton key tattoos inked on their wrists as “a symbol of a new way of life.”
· Maggie Gyllenhaal wouldn’t even turn her head when a polite older lady repeatedly asked her for a photo at last week’s Grey Goose Entertainment Iconoclasts party.
· Ryan Gosling was overheard telling another shopper at NYC’s Urban Outfitters that he was looking to buy a necklace – maybe for the brunette he was seen getting cozy with last week?

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