Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Real Good Oprah!

· Oprah Winfrey flew to her $40 million all-girls school in South Africa twice in the past 10 days following alleged allegations of physical and sexual abuse.
· Jennifer Lopez is fighting with a limo company over $16,000 she reportedly racked up by ordering cars for her husband Marc Anthony, stylist Ken Paves and sister Linda Lopez during the July premiere of El Cantante.
· It turns out that Ryan Gosling didn’t so much “step down” from his leading role in Peter Jackson’s The Lovely Bones, so much as he was fired because “Peter couldn’t stand Ryan.”
· Gisele Bundchen rewarded Tom Brady with a hot makeout session at a Miami bar after the Patriots beat the Dolphins October 20. "It was almost embarrassing to watch," said an onlooker.
· Is Ewan McGregor exporting himself from England? The Scottish actor is threatening to leave Britain, calling it a “ludicrous nanny state” with security cameras and strict laws that required Daniel Craig to wear a life jacket while filming James Bond.

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