Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Morning RUSH

· If his keyboard work onstage with mom Gwen is any indication, little Kingston hasn't inherited his parents' musical talents.
· Kim Cattrall is as shrewd as her character Samantha: she's only doing Sex and the City: The Movie for the cash, Britain's Reveal Blog reports.
· Jennifer Connelly takes on the task of acting opposite Keanu Reeves, in Fox's remake of classic sci-fi flick The Day the Earth Stood Still
· If Heroes ratings are down, it's anyone but Milo Ventimiglia's fault: the guy is shirtless in every episode these days.
· Stella McCartney shows her "love" for former step-mommy Heather Mills, designing a single-leg pendant for her new jewelry collection.
· Hayden Panettiere is a real life hero to the paparazzi who stalk her. Aw.
· Today's writers' strike casualties: Production stops on Desperate Housewives as well as six sitcoms, and ABC delays the premiere of new series Cashmere Mafia.
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