Thursday, November 1, 2007

Paris laughs at herself, how ironic, so do we!

Turns out, Paris Hilton can laugh at herself after all.
After recently getting irked at David Letterman for drilling her about her infamous stint in the slammer, the heiress, 26, got the last laugh, dressing as a sexy prisoner — with the word JAIL BAIT emblazoned on her booty — as she hosted a bash at Las Vegas hot spot LAX Wednesday night.
It was the second costume for Hilton that night (she also dressed as a sexy military girl).
It must have been tough for Hilton to settle on just two costumes.
A source told she bought about 14 different outfits, including a Cinderella, a pin-up girl and a sailor.
Mitch Shrier, owner of West Hollywood shop Trashy Lingerie — where Hilton scored a trashy girl scout costume — told Us, "She has a great sense of humor. She's not afraid to make fun of herself."
Now that's hot!

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