Friday, February 9, 2007


Agua Luca is a brazillian rum or what some call a cachaca. It is made from the juice of fresh brazillian sugar cane and then filtered twelve times for smoothness and ultimate drinkability. Agua Luca is still somewhat difficult to find here in Atlanta but the better liquor stores in Atlanta like Jax in Roswell will be happy to order it for you. Now onto my review of Agua Luca, first, like most rums and tequillas, the smell is somewhat unpleasant but when mixed you will not notice any smell at all. In terms of taste, it is quite smooth though I don't recommend this for shots, or straight/on the rocks. I have found it is the perfect rum for an excellent Mojito. The agua luca website is an excellent source for additional drinks and ways to use Agua Luca. I would give Agua Luca an overall grade of very good. It is certainly a worthy addition to any home bar.

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