Friday, February 9, 2007

Anna Nicole And Society

Anna Nicole is dead and for some reason it is the top story on every news channel, the lead story in most newspapers, the topic of most blogs and I am certain the front cover of the coming magazine weeklies like People and US Weekly. My question is why? It can be argued the most significant thing she accomplished in her life was taking her clothes off for Playboy. Was she a great mom? Most likely not. It is well documented she had problems with both drugs and alcohol for years and it is hard to be a good parent when you are drunk or otherwise in an altered state. Was she a great philanthropist or humanitarian? To my knowledge she was not. Most of the younger generation knows her from her short lived E reality series where she was inaudible and incoherent 99% of the time. She was married to someone over twice her age and spent the last quarter of her life fighting for his fortune. The last year of her life was spent occupied with questions over who her last child's sperm came from. So again, why is this news at all, let alone the top story? At this point, foul play is not suspected so this is not a criminal case worthy of news coverage. To me, this is a sad reflection on our celebrity obsessed culture, where someone who in many ways was no different than a drug addicted street hooker garners attention over things like Iraq, excessive government spending, Iran, the environment and society's other legitimate problems and issues. As americans, we had better get tuned in to the bigger issues before taxes overwhelm us, we lose more of our basic freedoms and we continue to be pushed toward a government dependent, socialist society. Anna wasted her life, don't waste your own!

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