Thursday, February 8, 2007

Atlanta News For 2/7/2007

The expected weather for Friday, February 8, 2007 is cloudy with a high of 48 and a projected low of 28 so bundle up!!
The Hawks fell to the Nets 87-85, what else is new, this team has poor coaching, poor management and underachieving players. What's sad is Atlanta would be a great basketball town. Here's hoping the Hawks make some changes.
The other big story in Atlanta is college recruiting, UGA ranked anywhere from 9th in the Nation on down and the other team in town, the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, ranked as high as number 12 in the nation. Overall a good year for both teams but I think you have to give the Jackets the edge. Congrats to Coach Gailey and his staff for a nice recruiting season!!
No big stories today, I will try and get an update on the Suguarloaf Country Club lolita's tomorrow. For those that don't know, Sugarloaf Country Club is a well known gated community in the northern subarbs of Atlanta and recently two women were arrested for solistication and prostitution for a ring they were running out of one of the Sugarloaf mansions.

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