Monday, February 26, 2007

Costco And Their Return Policy

I want to talk about Costco and their return policy. For those that don't know Costco has an overly generous return policy and you can basically return anything at anytime for any reason and get your money back even on big ticket items like plasma, flat screen televisions. Now, lets talk about the losers that abuse this policy, for one, my sister, my sister bought a flat screen 18 months ago, used it, loved it, then saw recently that 18 months later the same television was a thousand dollars less. Pissed off, at who, who knows, she returned the tv and got a full refund. Now, I will rarely call out my own family members but that is ridiculous and in my book it is stealing. Now, to hear her tell the story, the picture tube has a problem, whether this is true, whether it can be fixed I don't honestly know, though I will say at Thanksgiving the tv worked fine. Make no mistake, because of people like her and maybe you, we all pay higher prices and because of the suspected abuses the policy is set to change in April of this year. Thats right sis, I called you out!

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