Monday, February 26, 2007

Dallas Austin - Probably Still On The Coke!

This is a picture of Dallas Austin and the Mayor of Atlanta pictured together at last year's Dallas Austin Fundraiser. Now this is what I like to see, the Mayor of my city, with a convicted druggie. If you remember Dallas was detained in another country earlier this year for having cocaine in his possesion. He looks like he's still probably on the coke. Its all well and good that this loser and I do consider him a loser based solely on the fact the he is a druggie is hosting a fundraiser but I know, I for one, would not give a penny to his charity for fear most of the money would go to his drug dealer. Shirley, rather than hugging and and posing for pictures with a druggie, why don't you get off your ass and do something for Atlanta. My gut feel is your as crooked as former mayor, Bill Campbell, who is now in prison.

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